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hello fellow quizzer to this Sonic the hedgehog quiz. allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sonic the hedgehog but you can call me sonic. Yes yes I know what you're sayin' but it's true. I'm not just drawn as a cartoon. But I'm acctually real. I'm the real sonic the hedgehog. The Fastest thing alive, the blue blur and so forth. Enjoy my quiz. see how much do you know about me. see ya From : Sonic The Hedgehog

This quiz will test your speed of aswering, power of the thinking and endurance. He/she who passes this quiz with 100% is a pure genius. Don't let anyone help you. You must work it out for yourself so goodbye and GOOD LUCK !!!! Al on sy!! (Lets Go!!)

Created by: Shadow of
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  1. Who is Sonic's Dark Rival
  2. What is the highest superform that sonic can go to
  3. Who is Sonic's Best Friend
  4. How many Chaos Emeralds are there
  5. In Sonic Adventure 2, Who was the Final Boss for the final story
  6. What is Sonic's Favourite Food
  7. Sonic and the black knight What is sonic's superform
  8. What is Sonic's DARK form
  9. In SA2 What is the Theme Song
  10. In the game "Shadow The Hedgehog" Which Story does Sonic Appear In
  11. What is the Sonic And the black knight's first stage (Sonic's First Mssion in Camelot)
  12. In the first cutscene in SATBK (Sonic And The Black Knight) What is sonic's first reaction when he sees where he's landed
  13. Do you think sonic likes Amy Rose

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