Sonic the hedgehog Love adventure (part 1)

Sonic,Tails and kuckles are Heros and save the world from Dr.Eggman sonic´s enemy but are they good in fight about your love? Shadow the hedgehog is a bad Boy but is he bad in love? silver the hedgehog is rearly funny but is he funny enough for you?

Would you ever find out...who of the Sonic charackter in loe with you is....Who would be your love... And how do you handle in Situation with love. find it out in: Sonic the hedgehog Love adventure (part 1)

Created by: Jessica

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  1. Hello guys and willcome to my first Quiz I´M SO EXCITED...ok so before i start with the quiz would i say that ___ your Name came ok and that i`m not so good english can...
  2. Ok lets beginn...
  3. At 18:20 PM you are a normal human. You sitting on the chair in your living room without your parents "I´m so booooooord"you sayed.You look at your Handy Angelina write you "Hey ___ we make a overnighter with Zoey we come to you Bey" (Angelina and Zoey are your friends)
  4. At 19:00 pm KLOPF KLOPF! That must be your friends you go to the door and open it "Hey ___ " said Zoey to you. "Hi guys come in" you said. Your frinds go to the living room.
  5. At 19:30 pm you and your friends playing a game on your X-Box it called (Favorit X-Box game)
  6. At 20:00 PM you win
  7. "we can Play a another game if you want" say Angelina."And what for a game?"says zoey.How about Football you says. Angelina and zoey nod "where is the ball?" says zoey."On the Roof" you says. You and your 2 friends go to the Roof
  8. You and your freinds are on the Roof "the ball must be in a box" you says. "You and your friends looking in all boxes but all boxes are empty...
  9. You and your friends saw a blue light but not from the boxes it´s behind the boxes. "should we looking what´s behind the boxes is?" says Angelina. "No! it could be dangerous" says zoey.
  10. You and your friends take the boxes and throws it away. And behind the boxes is a.....
  11. find it out what behind the boxes is in: Sonic the hedgehog Love adventure (part 2) coming soon....

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