Super Sonic the Hedgehog Quiz

This quest is for the best of the best Sonic fans. Only those who truly have what it takes to know who Sonic the Hedgehog truly is, along with the lore behind it.

Do YOU really think you have what it takes to complete this test? I've tried to get some of the hardest questions there is about Sonic that is out there. Do YOU really think you know our true blue hero?

Created by: FlameKing
  1. What day did Sonic's first game come out?
  2. What Big Sonic Game is coming out 2017?
  3. Who was Sonic's First Rival?
  4. What Animal was Sonic originally supposed to be?
  5. Who was Sonic's very first Villain?
  6. How Many Chaos Emeralds where there Originally?
  7. Who was the First Real Character added to the Sonic Cast?
  8. Which of the Following is an Actual Concept Character?
  9. Which of the Following ISN'T an actual Sonic Game?
  10. Who is Sonic's Love Interest? (An Easy One)
  11. What is Sonic's Lowest Rated Game?
  12. Based on the Normal Sonic Timeline, How many versions of Sonic are there? (Modern, Classic, etc.)
  13. What was Sonic's first alternate form?
  14. When did Classic Sonic first appear?
  15. Which of the Follow IS a Chaos Emerald Color?
  16. How Smart do YOU think you are? (Will not effect answer)

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