The truth of Aurora the hedgehog

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Everyone knows Aurora the hedgehog. She's fast (like sonic). She's pink and has quills on her forehead (like Amy). She's the daughter of sonic and Amy!

Is there a truth? Are you good enough to figure out? Until know, you are about to experience the truth of Aurora the hedgehog. Have what it takes?????

Created by: Lilly
  1. Who are Aurora's parents?
  2. What is Aurora's fav color?
  3. How old is Aurora?
  4. Aurora got her dancing skills from ______
  5. Who mostly calls her "tiny"
  6. Who is dating Aurora?
  7. Does Aurora's quills look like shadow's?
  8. Who taught Aurora how to do the spin dash?
  9. Why was Aurora born in eggman's lair?
  10. How old was Aurora when she learned the spin dash?

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