which hedgehog would wedgie you and why

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hello people, today i made a quiz on the hedgehog. that is the sonic the hedgehog franchise. please comment what quiz i should do next. this was just a weird idea i thought of.

also, it is only the 3 hedgehogs (silver, shadow, and sonic the hedgehog). which hedgehog will wedgie you and how. comment what you got. hope you enjoy this quiz!

Created by: silverlightning985
  1. what are you like
  2. (i know i am going to regret this) what is your favorite color
  3. what power would you want.
  4. what wedgie would you prefer.
  5. have you ever given a wedgie.
  6. have you ever had a wedgie.
  7. what underpants do you wear.
  8. do you like to mess with people
  9. will you comment the next quiz i should make.
  10. bye

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