How much do U know about Sonic the Hedgehog?

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Me/K: HEYO! Today, I have gathered up some questions about the Sonic characters and we will see how much you know! I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me/K: I'm not sure if you consider this hard or not. It depends on how much of a fan you are. I got some stuff from the game and comics so enjoy! That's all, now begin!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: First off, when did Sonic first appear?
  2. Me/K: Who is Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog?
  3. Me/K: What is Sonic's brother's name?
  4. Me/K: What is Sonic's sisters name?
  5. Me/K: When did Tails come?
  6. Me/K: How old is Sonic?
  7. Me/K: How old is Tails?
  8. Me/K: On what day was Tails born (I cried for my lil bud)
  9. Me/K: Tails' voice actor is....(I mean the voice actor AT THE MOMENT, all these people were Tails before)
  10. Me/K: Who is Sonic's NEW voice actor going to be (Imma miss Roger Smith, :'(
  11. Me/K: Why was Shadow created?
  12. Me/K How did Sonic and Silver meet?
  13. Me/K: How did Sonic2006 end?
  14. Me/K: Mighty the Armadillo hates....
  15. Me/K: Why is Mighty not really in the games anymore?
  16. Me/K: True or False: Sonic has been a werewolf
  17. Me/K: I know y'all know that Sonic likes Chili Dogs, but what soda does he like (It's my fave too)
  18. Me/K: What is Sonic's weakness?
  19. Me/K: Sonic's planet is...
  20. Me/K: What does Shadow call Sonic?
  21. Me/K: Tails FULL name is....
  22. Sonic: "The S-Team huh? The S must stand for slow-motion. Ha ha!" Me/K: Which show did Sonic say that in?
  23. Sonic: "Slam. I have to say that because I don't actually have a door." Me/K: What show did he say this in?
  24. Me/K: True or False: Tails had his own show.
  25. (Sonic asks for her name) Whisper: "Whisper." Sonic: "Cool." Silver: *Whispering* "Okay but...why?" Sonic: "No genius. Whisper is her name." Me/K: Silver is so innocent UwU. Anyway, what was the name of the issue?
  26. Me/K: When did the Sonic Archie Comics take place?
  27. Me/K: Rouge is a.....
  28. Me/K: What is Espio's FAVORITE food? (All of these are Japanese foods, I want to go to Japan)
  29. Me/K: Was Vector in one of the Sonic Boom episodes?
  30. Me/K: How old is Charmy the Bee?
  31. Me/K: What is Cream the Rabbit's mother's name?
  32. Me/K: How old is Scourge the Hedgehog? (He is from the Comics so you may NOT know him)
  33. Me/K: What animal is Honey? (She is from the comics too, she's one of my faves!)
  34. Me/K: Also, I did research and found out that Tails and Eggman are supposed to join Super Smash Bros for Sonic's anniversary so hope it's gonna happen!

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