How well do you know Sonic the hedgehog?

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This is a quiz that will determine whether you are a true Sonic fan or not. If you want to know what the next theme of the next quiz is, just get a 10% or 0% score!

Just play this quiz and find out if you know Sonic like I do! Because I know Sonic like the back of my hand! I'm a real Sonic fan! And so will you be after playing this quiz!

Created by: Nicholas
  1. What is tails' real name?
  2. Who is Sonic's rival?
  3. What is Sonic's newest game?
  4. Who made Sonic?
  5. Who's Sonic's buddy?
  6. What's THE Sonic meme?
  7. What's the second Sonic meme?
  8. Is Sonic an Indie game?
  9. What game came out for Sonic's 20th anniversary?
  10. Is Sonic fast or slow?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Sonic the hedgehog?