Which Sonic Boy Would Fall For You? Part 1

This quiz is simply just a story that tells you which Sonic boy would fall in love with you based on the choices you make. I also included Jet the Hawk, even though he comes later in the story.

I also want to say that this story is a story that uses Sega logic, logic based on the knowledge of the way Sonic characters act and how a storyline would be normally put together, to allow the character you are, Trinity the Hedgehog, to actually fit into the story and make it perfectly fall into place.

Created by: TrinityTheHedgehog

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  1. After an explosion, you wake up and a crater in the forest and dash at super speed into the surrounding bushes to the sound of someone walking to your location. You eventually see a red echidna investigating the crater closely. All of a sudden, you sense a high source of energy coming from the direction he came from.
  2. (Whatever answer you picked, let's just say you chose to slip passed him and get there without him knowing)You dash to the energy and see a giant jewel glowing at a shrine. Being your a treasure hunter, but also not one to steal something without knowing what it is, you think to yourself about what you should do.
  3. (No matter what answer you picked)You decide you go into your fire form (picture Flame Princess with mystical, completely, white eyes and no mouth. And you don't need clothes because your arms and lower body are just fire, the kind that you see on a camp fire), pick up the jewel, and fly off with it. But just as you take your leave, the red echidna shows up. "Hey! Where do you think you're going with that?!" You keep going, but he starts to chase you into the forest.
  4. As the red echidna chases you, he catches up, jumps and knocks you out cold. He then lands and walk over to the jewel to make sure it's ok and not shattered from the fall(You: Fall? What fall? Me: When in fire form you can fly You: Oh. Cool!). He then turns around and is shocked to see that you're a girl. He then rushes over to you and picks you up slightly. "Hey, you o-" he stops mid-sentence and notices your tattoo (picture Princess Celestia's cutie mark on your upper left arm, a common place for tattoos). You then come to and dash deeper into the forest, leaving the red echidna speechless from your speed.
  5. As you're running through the forest, you run into a black and crimson hedgehog, with a familiar looking jewel in his hand, who doesn't look like he wants to be bothered at the moment(You:Yikes Me:Don't worry, he's not gonna hurt you ;] You:Thank God. I don't have a deathwish). "Watch where you're going...blue-eyes" he says as he turns around toward you (You:Blue-eyes? Me:Sky-blue eyes to be exact You::O Awesome). Your eyes then turn pink (your way of blushing). Your eyes then turn icy blue with whiteness blurring them out, your pupils can't be seen either(You:Huh? Me:It's what I like to call your "Psychic State". You then have a vision:G.U.N officers are waiting just outside the forest in a blockade, waiting to capture the hedgehog. You then snap out of it pull a black disk out of your pouch (You:Pouch? Me:No copyright infringement intended, but I got some ideas of the character you are's design from Yuna's standard design in Final Fantasy X-2. You don't look exactly like her though.)and hand it to him. You then take out a fuschia disk of your own and toss it like a ninja star. It then converts into an Extreme Gear. You get on it and wait for the hedgehog to throw his so you two can get going.
  6. He then converts the disk by tossing it like you did, gets on the Gear, and you two get moving. You both then ride out of the forest and over the blockade. People seem slightly fearful as you two blaze through the streets at high speed. As you reach the outskirts of the city, he gets off and says "This is where my ride ends." and he pushes the Extreme Gear toward you. You then converts it to a disk and leave a note on it, then you take off, leaving the disk with the note in front of him as you leave. He picks it up and reads it, "Take it. It's yours. ~A Friend". He looks up and sees you riding away giving a short wave goodbye. "Who is she?" he says in wonder.
  7. You eventually get bored and head back to the city. But since everyone knows your face, you decided to travel by roof this time. As you're walking, you notice a blue hedgehog. And he's with the red echidna who knocked you out before. All of a sudden he a jewel that looks exactly like the one that black and crimson hedgehog had, just a different color. In fact it was your favorite color, dark blue, which is also the color of your Bandit's Scarf(an elastic scarf that can expand to cover your face like a bandit). You put it over your face, jumped down, attacked the blue hedgehog, stole the jewel, and ran into an allyway, hoping you wouldn't be seen. You corner over to see what they're doing. Unfortuantely the red echidna saw you, and he doesn't too look happy.
  8. "Hey, Sonic, I think we found our thief." You heard the echidna say. "Sonic?" you thought "Must be the blue hedgehog's name." They then chased you until you were cornered in the allyway, or so they thought. "Hand over the chaos emerald!" the red echidna ordered. You then teleported to the roof above you. Once again, the echidna saw you and jumped onto the roof with the hedgehog following close behind, eventually passing him. They then chased you to the edge of the roof. The next building over is to far to jump to. You then see a wire connecting from this roof to the next. You then run across the wire like it's nothing to the next roof. You look back to see if they're following you, only to see them standing there in shock and awe. The red echidna then shakes his head and comes to his senses. The echdina and the hedgehog then start to climd across the wire so you continue to run. Until you reach the end of the building. You look around for another wire, none in sight, now you defintately have nowhere to go. "Wait a minute, why am I running? I can take these guys no problem" you think to yourself. You then extend your 4-inch steel claws and charge at the hedgehog. While you two are fighting, you then get hit in the back of the head, hard, and black out, collapsing to the ground. "Hmph, pathetic." the red echidna said as he took back the jewel from your pack. "Wait! We're just gonna leave her out here?" the blue hedgehog said as the echidna was walking away. "I know I am. You wanna take her, that's your problem, not mine. I got what I came for". Then he just, left.
  9. You then wake up in a bed, in a small room. After that you see a door in the floor and open it only to see a staircase. You then walk down the stairs into a huge house and see a pink hedgehog and a little rabbit girl picking flowers it a garden. You then walk outside to explore, looking around everywhere. "Oh good! You're awake!" the little rabbit girl said startling you. "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Want some flowers?" she said handing you flowers weaved into a little crown. You took it, looking at it puzzledly. "It's a flower crown." the pink hedgehog said. "I'm Cream" the little rabbit girl said "And I'm Amy" said the pink hedgehog. "Who are you?" asked a two-tailed fox behind you. You just stared at them. "They seem friendly. I guess I could trust them." you thought to yourself "I'm Trinity" you said shyly "I'm Tails. Nice to meet you Trinity." said the fox. "You have wrist rings just like Shadow!" Amy said in shock. You just stared at her confused "Who's Shadow?" you asked as you took your bandit scarf off your face "He's a black and red hedgehog who looks alot like our friend Sonic, he wears wrist rings like yours too." you then remembered the black and red hedgehog you gave an Extreme Gear to. "So that's his name" you thought to yourself.
  10. Did you enjoy the first part of this story?

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