Which Sonic Boy Would Fall For You? Part 1

**PLEASE READ** First of all the title is actually Part 2. But I made a mistake and didn't noticed until it was too late. This is just Part 2 which, once again, tells you which Sonic boy would fall for you based on the choices you make throught the story.

This time, I included Espio thanks to the first comment I got on the first part of this story who said they got AND love Knuckles but also said that they're married to Espio (LOL). So thank you so much for saying that ryvelez, you're mentioning of Espio became a part of Part 2 ;]

Created by: TrinityTheHedgehog

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  1. Okay let's recap: Last time you got knocked out by a red echidna while fighting a blue hedgehog on a roof. You were then taken in by his friends and you recently woke up. Oh and you also found out the black and crimson hedgehog's name, which is Shadow.
  2. "Hey guys!" the blue hedgehog said as he got here. You were still pretty hostile around him so you extended your claws and got in fighting stance, you were growling too. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Take it easy! I'm not gonna hurt you!" he said holding his hands out in front of him ready to push you back if you came too close. "Take it easy! Sonic was the one who brought you here in the first place!" Tails said backing him up. Just then a young boy came outside "What's going on?" he said "Trinity's pretty hostile around Sonic." Tails replied "So that's your name huh?" Sonic said "Look we got off on a bad start. I'm Sonic, I'm a friend, okay?" he said in attempt to calm you down. It worked too. All of a sudden a green light went speeding by you. When you turned around, you saw a green hawk on an Extreme Gear.
  3. "Sonic. You. Me. Race. Now." he said competetively "Sure Jet, but in a sec though, I got my own problems right now." Sonic said pointing at you with his thumb "Well, well, well. Who's this little cutie?" Jet said looking at you. Your eyes turned pink with a mad facial expression as you retracted your claws. Everyone stared at you like you had two heads and your eyes returned to their normal color. "What was that?" Amy asked you just ignored her and walked up to Jet and Sonic "What race?" you asked somewhat suspiciously "Alot of times me and Jet would race and I would usually win so he would challenge me again and again. He still hasn't won yet though." Sonic answered "But today that's all gonna change Sonic the Hedgehog!" Jet said with confidence "So grab your Gear and let's do this!" Sonic did just that. Just as they were about to leave Jet looked back at you "You can race too dollface." he said winking at you.
  4. You accepted the challenge and got on your board. "First one to Angel Island this time." Jet challenged "Sure" Sonic said "How 'bout you Trinity? Angel Island sound good?" Sonic turned and asked you "You bet" you replied. Amy ran up to you guys "Ready! Go!" she shouted. You all began at great speed. You were coming up on some narrow canyons "You sure about this Jet? You gotta be pretty coordinated to get through there." Sonic was telling Jet. You just kept on going and drifted through the canyons easily. "If she can do it, we can do it!" he said challengingly. Jet sped on ahead and almost wiped out by the time he got out on the other side. You then saw Sonic fly over you head on his board. "What are you doing?" you asked him as he landed "If you can't go through it, go over it!" he answered back. Eventually you and Jet caught up to him. You then shot fire out of your hand with your pyrokinesis and sped right passed them both, leaving them in shock and awe. You eventually saw a floating island coming up on the horizon. "That must be Angel Island" you thought to yourself. So you sped on ahead to Angel Island and soon after Sonic and Jet got there. "I win!" you pointed out confidently "You never cease to amaze me" Sonic said shaking his head looking at you.
  5. "Begginers luck" Jet stated crossing his arms and sarcasticlly looking to his left. All of a sudden Sonic's wrist started ringing. He then raised up his glove and revealed a com-link watch. "Sonic, you there?" asked the voice from the watch "Yeah Espio, I'm here. What's up?" Sonic replied. "We'll tell you when you get here. Just head over here as soon as you can." Espio said "You got it." Sonic replied "What does he want?" Jet asked "Beats me. But what say we go and find out?" Sonic offered "Fine. But I won't hesitate to get violent if they start anything." Jet said "That's your problem. I'm not your babysitter." Sonic sarcasticlly replied as they were walking away. They then got on their boards and headed out. As did you.
  6. "Hey Espio." Sonic greeted Espio "Good, you're here. And I see you've brought some friends along as well." said Espio. "Espio." Jet said glaring at Espio "Jet." Espio said glaring back at him "They okay?" you whispered to Sonic "Yeah, they've just had problems with each other in the past." Sonic whispered back "Okay! Espio, the reason you asked us to come here?" Sonic said breaking up a potential fight "Right. Follow me." Espio said as he lead us into the building.
  7. "We found three people in a crater after an explosion. They seem to be fine, but they're still unconcious. We figure you might know them, at least one of you." he explained as he looked back at you. You then came to the room and were shocked by what you saw. Espio was right, you definately knew them. In fact, they were your bestest friends, practically family to you. You gasped and ran into the room, making sure they were all alive. "Hey Trinity, you know these three?" Sonic asked "Yeah." you said with a sad face. "Mind telling us who they are?" Espio came in and asked "The guy with the turquoise scarf is Razor, the one with the shades and the red scarf is Lightning and the girl with the yellow scarf is Axelle." you replied."I see." Espio said walking out of the room "Wait, wait, wait. Scarves?! You're Crstyal Crusaders aren't you?!" Jet asked with slight anger in his voice "Yeah, I am! So what?! You think I don't know what you are?! Rogue!" you argued back and got in his face "Guys! Not now!" Sonic said pushing you two apart and breaking up the fight. All of a sudden you heard slight grunting and turned around in surprise.
  8. "T-Trinity?" you heard someone say. You turned around and saw your friends beggining to wake up. "Guys!" you happily said as you ran over to them "Ugh, what happened?" asked Lightning with his hand on his head in a daze "One moment Razor tried to use a saphire and then boom! We end up in a bed just waking up now." stated Axelle. "The heck with that! I'm just glad you guys are ok!" you said pulling them together in a group hug "Who's the Rogue?" Lightning asked glaring at Jet "The name's Jet, Crusader." he replied glaring back at him. "Ugh, I give up" Sonic facepalmed himself and shook his head.
  9. Lightning dashes at super speed and kicks Jet. Jet goes flying into the wall. "Ugh." he grunted in what seemed to be more pain than a kick should cause. He then got up with a scorch mark on his chest "What the heck?!" Sonic said in shock. Espio ran in with a crocodile and a bee following close behind. "What's goin' on in here?" asked the crocodile "Look!" shouted the bee as he rush over to Jet. "How 'bout I finish you off Rogue?!" Lightning yelled as you and Razor held him back. "Dude! Cool it! Don't you think you've done enough?" Razor said in attempt to calm him down. Lightning broke free and just stood there glaring Jet as he walked out of the room looking pretty mad. "Well those to are gonna get along just fine." Axelle sarcasticlly said as she got out of her bed. Espio just confusingly looked at Sonic, who just shrugged his shoulders looking just confused as Espio. "What was that about?" asked Charmy "It's a long story." said Razor "One that we should save for another day and make sure Lightning doesn't end up killing himself." Axelle interupted. Razor and Axelle then ran outside after Lightning, leaving you in the room with everyone else. "Jet, you okay?" Sonic concernedly asked "Yeah..I'm...good" just then Jet collapsed. Charmy checked for a pulse "Luckily he's not dead." Charmy then said "But he will be soon if not treated." you said "Huh? What do you mean Trinity?" Sonic asked in confused shock.
  10. "Something we should know?" Espio asked suspiciously "Well.." you said shyly "He wasn't hit with an ordinary kick." you then continued "That was Lightning's Electric Kick. It's very critical and highly fatal." you explained. "So Jet's gonna.." Sonic said sadly "Yeah." you finished for him. "Wait, you said there's no hope without treatment, right?" Espio interupted "Treatment, as in help from Lightning. Which is why Razor and Axelle went out to look for him." you clarified "I see." said Espio "Found him!" Axelle and Razor said at the same time as they brought Lightning into the room, holding him down to keep him from running away. "Let me go!" Lightning ordered "You were the one that hurt him, now you're gonna be the one to help him." Razor argued as they let Lightning go and ran to block the door."Fine!" Lightning shouted seeming annoyed and angry. He then walked over to Jet, threw him onto a bed, and drained the excess electricity from his body. "Urgh, huh? I'm alive?!" Jet said as he woke up shortly after. "If you want, I'd be happy to rearrange that for you." he warned Jet with a devious look on his face Razor laughed and said "Genious dude, high-five." "Wait" Lightning warned with sparking hands. He then released the excess electrity into the small powerbox in the wall next to him "Okay, now." he said as they shared a laugh and high-fived each other.

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