Which Sonic Boy Would Fall For You? Part 3

So, once again, this quiz simply tells you which Sonic boy would fall in love with you based on the choices you make. Unlike many quizzes of the same genre, I actually give you guys the name of my first Sonic fan-fiction character, Trinity the Hedgehog.

I don't really need to explain the story so far because I put in a recap as the first question. Sorry if I'm wrong about that but I don't remember the story myself because I'm just putting up this description about a few months AFTER I made this quiz. So yeah, have fun!

Created by: TrinityTheHedgehog
  1. Okay let's recap: Last time you saw your bestest friends, Razor, Axelle and Lightning, in the infirmary of the Chaotix Dectective Agency. Your friends came to and noticed that Jet was a Babylon Rogue, an enemy of what you and your friends are, Crystal Crusaders, and Lightning didn't like it at all. So he and Jet got in an argument and Lightning used an electric kick on Jet. After a while Razor and Axelle soon found Lightning(he left the room after attacking) and Lightning healed Jet. Got it?
  2. After Lightning and Razor were done hi-fiving each other and laughing like high school football jocks, you heard a girlish voice yell "SOOONIIC!!!!!!". You covered your ears due to the volume. Everyone ran outside to see who was screaming, as did you.
  3. You all then saw Amy running up, hugging Sonic tightly and crying. Sonic seemed a little resistful but he still pushed her away and asked comfortingly "Amy, what's wrong?" "Oh, Sonic! It was horrible! There were these strange bug-like shadow creatures chasing me! I managed to get away but they're so scary!" She panicingly explained while re-hugging Sonic tightly. All of a sudden there were shadow creatures coming out of the forest. Sonic, Jet and Espio ran up, ready to fight them. "Sonic wait." Lightning said "Let us handle this." he told Sonic pointing to you, Razor and Axelle.
  4. "W-what?" Sonic said a little worried and confused. "We've dealt with these guys before." you said stepping up with your friends to fight. Razor drew out his katana, Lightning got out his electric chakrams, Axelle drew out her double-sided ice spear. As for you, you summoned a mystical silver sword with a red stone in the handguard.
  5. After wiping the shadow creatures out with ease you and your friends dismissed your weapons. Everyone just looked at you in astonishement(I think that's how you spell it). "That..was amazing!" Sonic said in awe and shock. All of a sudden, the bushes started rustling, and the red echidna emerged from them looking pretty angry and frustrated for some reason. "Knuckles! What's up?" Sonic said greeting him "Yeah, sure, hi to you too. Hey Sonic have you-" he paused and noticed you, then went into a hostile fighting stance, as did you. "You again?!" he shouted "You know her?" Espio asked curiosly "Not exactly. Let's just say she's an unknown troublemaker to me. It wouldn't suprise me if any of you guys had to practically babysit her." said the red echidna "Babysit?!" you exclaimed "What am I? A five-year-old toddler to you?!." you shouted at him. "So you do talk." he said with an attitude "Shut your face dreadlocks!" you insulted "Dreadlocks?! Ha! Says the troublemaking bandit who tried to steal the Master Emerald!" he insulted back "Steal?! Who said I was stealing?! Finders keepers dreadlocks!" you argued back "Doesn't matter girlie, what I guard is mine! Get that straight right now!" Knuckles argued back.
  6. "Alright already! We get it! You two hate each others guts! Enough already!" Jet shouted seeming like he was losing his mind having to hear you and Knuckles constantly bicker. "Uh, I don't want to start a completely different subject, but how exactly did they get loose?" Axelle questioned "Beats me." you replied "They? Get loose?" Knuckles questioned suspicously. "Don't worry about it." Razor interupted "You four seem to know what's going on here. We're going need all the information we can get. So our best bet would be for you to tell us everything you apparently know about these shadow creatures." stated Espio.
  7. "Yeah, girlie, what do you know?" Knuckles asked as he glared at you suspiciously. You just looked at Razor questioningly, and he nodded back. "The reason we fought them and told you to stay back," Razor began "Is because they're intangible." Axelle finished for him. "Intangi- what?" Jet asked confusingly. "Meaning you can't touch them, you'll phase right through them." you explained. "Well, what exactly... are they?" Sonic asked seeming slightly concerned "Dark Spawns" you answered "Creatures born from the darkness in people's hearts." you explained. "How do we stop them?" Espio asked "There's no use explaining. It's something only we can do, as guardians of course. And what we do is done in another dimension unkown to anyone but us." Lightning explained.
  8. Did you enjoy this part of the story?
  9. Are you excited for the next part coming soon?
  10. Well, see you bros in the next part I guess! Stay frosty bros! Peace! ,,\/

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