Sonic the Hedgehog Romance part 1

You find yourself in a strange new world, meeting new people, making new friends. This is part 1 of my Sonic the hedgehog romance! Have fun and enjoy!

These boys are good at fighting evil but are they good at fighting their feelings? Find out who you're meant to be with in my Sonic the Hedgehog Romance

Created by: EmilyTheHedgehog
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  1. Hey everyone welcome to my first quiz! Let's start by saying: you are a girl who has been turned into a hedgehog and are now on Mobius. You can look however you want and ___ means your name got it?
  2. Ok let's go!
  3. You lay unconsious on the snowy ground. It was quiet. No sound. Then someone spotted you. A blue hedgehog came running over. Your hair covered your face.
  4. He worried that you might be hurt...or worse. He put his head to your chest and listened. Hearing your heart beat reasured him. "phew..." he sighed "she's ok...". He reached out to move your hair from your face but someone called. "Hey! What are you doing out there?!" a purple cat called out. The hedgehog picked you up and called back "I found someone on the ground!" as he rushed to the cat. "I've never seen her before..." the cat said "give her to me and I'll take her to the house". You were handed to the cat and she sped up a mountain path.
  5. You woke up, groaning. You opened your eyes slowly. "Ah you're awake, I'm glad to see you're ok" someone said. You looked in the direction the voice came from. At the end of the bed you were in you saw a purple cat. She stood there smiling. You took a moment to take in what was going on. You where in a bedroom in some house and theres a cat-person at the end of your bed. "How are you feeling?" she asked. "Who are you?" you asked. "My name is Blaze the Cat. What's your name?" she asked. You sat up "I'm ___" you said. Blaze looked at you "___ the Hedgehog?" she asked. "what?" " you are a hedgehog, aren't you?" you quickly jumped out of bed and ran to a mirror in the corner of the room.
  6. You were wearing *insert outfit here* you had *insert colour here* fur all over your body except your arms, your *colour* eyes where still *colour* and your *colour* hair was the same as always...albeit a bit messy.
  7. The only thing is... "OH MY GOD! I'VE BEEN TURNED INTO A HEDGEHOG!!!". Blaze rushed to you and grabbed your shoulders "Hey, don't worry, we'll talk about this later...for now why don't we fix you up then I'll introduce you to my friends?". You nodded. Blaze sat you down and began to brush your *style* hair. "You have lovely hair" she said, admiring how it shone in the light.
  8. She fineshed your hair and took you down stairs. "wait here" she told you as she went to the living room to gather everyone. "Alright everybody, we have a new friend and her name is ___" she motioned for you to come in. The moment you walked in every girl in the room squealed in excitment, rushing to meet you and the jaws of every boy dropped, their cheeks turning red.
  9. A pink hedgehog came running to you. "Hi! I'm Amy Rose!" then a cream brown rabbit "Hello...My name is Cream the Rabbit" she put uo her hands showing you a blue creature "and this is my Chao Friend, Cheese" then a bat came over "well aren't you adorable, I'm Rouge the Bat". "Alright guys, give her some space" Blaze said giving me some room. She looked at the boys "well, aren't you gonna introduce yourselves?" she asked. They snapped out of their daze and rushed towards you. A silvery-white hedgehog got to you first. "uh...hi...I'm Silver the Hedgehog" he was then pushed away by a black and red hedgehog "Shadow the Hedgehog, a pleasure to meet you" he was then shoved out of the way by a red echidna "hey! My name's Knuckles the Echidna!" he said before a purple chameleon stood in front of him "My name is Espio the Chameleon, it's lovely to meet you" he said as Knuckles put his hand on his shoulder "Hey, buddy, I wasn't done talking to her!" he said, clenching his jaw. "I was talking to her first!" Silver whinned. They all started yelling which let to shoving...then wrestling...
  10. A yellow fox and a blue hedgehog came over. "Don't mind those guys, they're immature" the hedgehog stated. You turned your attention to him. "The names Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog" he winked at you. "And my name's Miles Prower but you can call me Tails" the fox blushed.
  11. After a while everyone calmed down and you got to explain that you're from earth and you were human. They were very understanding and they are even letting you stay here!
  12. Well that's part 1. Hope you enjoyed. Tell me your results in the comments. And I want to do a vote for every new part. The vote is for which boy will have a romantic moment with you. The one with the most votes wins! See you next time byebye!!

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