Sonic the Hedgehog Romance part 2

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What will today bring. You spend some time with your friends and meet new people. A memory is sparked with your mind and could lead to a new encounter.

These boys are good at fighting evil, but are they good at fighting thier feelings. Find out who your meant to be with in my Sonic the Hedgehog Romance.

Created by: EmilyTheHedgehog
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  1. You wake up the next morning feeling refreshed. You stretched and got out of bed and got dressed. What do you wear?
  2. You walk downstairs to see everyone talking and enjoying themselves who do you sit next to for breakfast?
  3. After breakfast you decide to take a look outside. You open the front door to look at a beautiful blanket of snow. You stared at it until someone called you. "Um...___..." you turn around to see Espio. "Oh, hi Espio. Whats up?" you asked. He fidgeted a little but then he spoke. "I was wondering...would you maybe come with me to the Chaotix Detective Agency...maybe we can figure out how you got here" he said nervously. It seemed like a good idea. "Sure, that sounds great!" you smiled. Espio blushed. "Well, we should go then" he said, trying to hide his face as he lead the way.
  4. Since the path was icy, you were afraid that you might slip and fall. To distract yourself you decided to talk with Espio.
  5. "It shouldn't be much farther. We're almost there" Espio replied. You noticed that you seemed to be in a city now. How long have you been walking? Espio leads you to a large building. "Welcome..."he said as he opened the door to let you in " the Chaotix Detective Agency" he smiled. You walked in and looked around. It looked very advanced. Many computors and such.
  6. You both walked into a room where you saw a crocodile and a bee. The bee took flight and hovered right in front of your face. "Hi! I'm Charmy Bee!" he waved. He was about 6. He seemed nice. "Hello, I'm ___" you say. Charmy sits down on a table and starts flailing his legs. 'he must be hyper...' you think. The crocodile was just sitting with his eyes closed, listening to music. He didn't seem to notice what was going on around him.
  7. Charmy stared at you for a moment, then laughed "heheh, you're pretty" he said, earning a 'don't-be-so-immature' glare from Espio. You smiled at how cute he was. You could just cuddle him like a teddy bear. :3
  8. "So what brings you here, huh?" Charmy asked. "Espio brought me" you say. Charmy's face was like: :0. Then it turned to a cheeky smirk. "I didn't know you had a girlfriend, Espio!" Charmy teased. Espio's face turned pink. "sh-she's not my girlfriend!" he yelled, which only caused Charmy to burst into laughter. The bee immediately began banging the crocodile's head to get his attention, shouting: "Vector! Vector! Espio's got a girlfriend!"
  9. The crocodile's eyes opened as he attempted to shield himself from the bee. "ow ow ow!! Charmy stop! What is it?!" he cried, suddenly noticing you. "oh, hello, I'm Vector the Crocodile, and who might you be?" he asked. Charmy butted in with: "that's ___, Espio's GIRLFRIEND!". Vector knew he was only joking, but played along. "well, I didn't know ya had it in ya Espio!". There was no answer from the chameleon. "uh...Espio...?" Vector asked. You turned around expecting to see Espio but...he disappeared?
  10. "where'd he go?" you asked, worried. "don't worry, ___, he does this all the time" Vector reasured you. "I got it" Charmy said, pickick up a pepper shaker. 'what the...' you thought confused. Charmy started to spinkle the pepper over the spot where Espio originally was. After a few seconds a sneeze was heard and Espio became visable again.
  11. Charmy and Vector started laughing. Espio was growing impatient. "listen guys, this isn't funny. We came here to find out how ___ got here. She's from Earth" he said. "from Earth?!" Vector and Charmy asked in unison. "yeah, but we have no idea how she got here" Espio explained. Vector thought for a moment. "hmm...if only Mighty were here...he might have an idea...". "when should he be getting back?" Charmy asked. "I don't know... He left ages ago..." Espio answered. "he was doing research on the mysterious portals that kept popping up everywhere right?" Charmy asked. Your head snapped up at the word 'portal'.
  12. "what's wrong?" Espio asked. "I...I remember seeing a portal before I got transported here..." you say. "I saw someone being captured by a man in a robot...I only just remember this now...he looked like an armadillo..." you say. "A man in a robot with an armadillo..." the boys said at the same time, looking at eachother, then realising the situation they gasped and yelled: "Dr. Eggman has captured Mighty the Armadillo!" CLIFFHANGER. I hope you liked it. Don't forget to comment. Bye bye.

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