Sonic the Hedgehog Romance part 3

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Aboard Eggman's ship, what could possibly happen next? Finding Mighty, gaining new powers, trying to figure out who your mystery saviour is, and much more. This is exciting.

These boys are good at fighting evil, but are they good at fighting their feelings? Find out who you're meant to be with in my Sonic the Hedgehog Romance

Created by: EmilyTheHedgehog
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  1. Previously on Sonic the Hedgehog Romance: Vector thought for a moment. "hmm...if only Mighty were here...he might have an idead...". "when should he be getting back?" Charmy asked. "I don't know...he left ages ago..." Espio answered. "He was doing research on mysterious portals that kept popping up everywhere right?" Charmy asked. Your head snapped up at the word 'portal'. "what's wrong?" Espio asked. "I...I remember seeing a portal before I got transported here..." you say. "I saw someone being captured by a man in a robot...I only just remember this now...he looked like an armadillo..." you say. "A man in a robot with an armadillo..." the boys said at the same time, looking at eachother, then realising the situation they gasped and yelled: "Dr. Eggmand has captured Mighty the Armadillo!" And the story continues...
  2. You looked at their worried faces, waiting for an explanation. "We have to help Mighty!" Charmy yelled. "But only one of us can go! It's too dangerous to have more than one of us on his ship, he'll find out in no time!" Espio reminded them. You don't know why but you feel like it's sort of your fault, so you step up. "I'll go" you say. They stare at you in disbelief.
  3. "No, ____, it's too dangerous!" Espio tried to convince you. "What's too dangerous?" A voice said. As you turned to the door you saw that Sonic and Tails had just walked in. "Hi, ___..." Tails waved shyly, blushing faintly. You gave him a smile. "Somethings come up, Sonic, something BIG!" Vector explained, putting plenty of emphasis on the word 'big'. "what's up?" Sonic asked, his face now serious. "Mighty's been captured by Eggman and only one of us can go..." Charmy said quietly, knowing full well he wasn't gonna be the one to go. "And it'll be me" you said confidently. Sonic gave you a look that said 'there's no way I'm gonna let you do that'.
  4. "Listen, Sonic, I can handle it. You trust me, don't you?" you put your hand lightly on his arm and gave him a small smile. He looked away for a moment, then looked back. "Ok..." he said quietly, your smile just got bigger. He put his arms on your shoulders and smirked. "I just don't want you to get hurt...promise me you'll be careful" He said. "I promise" you said. Sonic let go of your shoulders and gave you a small kiss on the head.
  5. ~time skip~ You had left the detective agency and had made your way to where Eggman's airship had last landed. It looked like some robots were loading some crates into the ship, now was your chance. You quietly sneak in through the open door, making sure you weren't spotted. So far, so good. You make your way into a long hallway. Doors went on for miles. You sweatdrop at how many doors your gonna have to go through.
  6. ~after checking like a bajillion doors~ You panted as you finally came to stop at a pair of large doors. These ones where bigger than the others. 'I bet Mighty'll be in there!' you think to yourself as you try to open the door. Locked. Of course. You look a little closer and see that it needs a key card to activate it. 'maybe one of the robots has one' you get an idea and run down the hall to a large room with a single robot in it. You can see it's holding the key card. How do you attack?
  7. Whatever you did, it worked and the key card is now in your possession. But just as you were about to turn and leave, an alarm sounded. More robot rushed into the room, surrounding you. You began fighting them off one by one but there was too many. While you were distracted with one of them you heared a loud crash and when you turn around, all the robots were distroyed. 'what the hell?' you think as you tun to go back to the door. Who do you think destryed the robots?
  8. You inserted the key card into the door, which opened allowing you to go in. the room was big with machines a large computer and glass tubes. One of the glass tubes, you noticed, had an armadillo inside it. "Mighty...?" you ask cautiously. The armadillo was lying on the floor of the tube, but when he heard his name being called he lifted his head up. "Huh...? Who are you?" he asked, looking you up and down. You kneel down to his level, putting your hands on the glass. "I'm ____, I'm a friend of Espio's. Don't worry I'm here to help" you say calmly. Mighty's facial expression brightens at your words.
  9. You eyed the glass. "You might have to break it, you need a password to open it, but only eggman knows it..." Mighty told you, his voice trailing. He dropped back down to the floor again, asleep. 'Poor thing must be exhausted' you think. You begin to continuously bang on the glass, only making tiny cracks. You start to get frustrated. (Me: now would be a good time to tell you that you have crystal bracelets on your wrists). You furiously pounded on the glass. "Ahhh!! Break, dammit, break! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!?!?" You yelled getting angrier by the second. Just then the crystal bracelets you were wearing started glowing light blue. Then, out of nowhere, ice began to form around the glass where your hands where.
  10. To your amazement the ice encased the glass completely, making it shatter altogether. You shook mighty awake and hugged him as his eye opened. He was so happy you had saved him and hugged you back. However, the happiness was short-lived as another alarm came on and three robots enters the room. "Quick, go on ahead!" you say. "But, what about you?" Mighty asks, worried. "Don't worry, I'll catch up" you smile, pushing Mighty out the door. You fought off the robots in no time but before you could make a break for it, someone or something hit you on the head hard. So hard, you blacked out. To Be Continued.
  11. I just wanna say that I hope you enjoyed it and please comment to let me know what you think. I also wanted to say that I'm basing 'you' off of my character which is me. Thanks for reading. Bye bye :3

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