Sonic the fastest hedgehog on earth. this blue burr always on the run. now he got some games that are bad and some that is good. Now I want to know what is your favorite sonic game? (Note I did not include evey sonic game just the ones I think is instursting)

Want to know what is your favorite sonic game? Was it what you expeting? do you like all sonic games?take this crazy quiz and find out. I'll give you a hint there's only 6 choices of games. well thats it. see yah.

Created by: Tails Prower

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what gameplay do you prefer?
  2. which power up do you want?
  3. do you like sonic voice acting?
  4. Do you love this quiz so far?
  5. Sonic colors 2?
  6. who do you love playing as?
  7. should Amy be in the next sonic game?
  8. what is your favorite sonic stage?
  9. how do you feel about sonic 06?
  10. When was sonic best year?
  11. was this quiz good?

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