The sonic adventure quiz

"there alot of people and games" "but now we just talk about sonic adventure" "Sonic adventure was a good game" "I want to know if people know this game 100%" "and that is where you come in"

"are You a.......? Just see if you know your sonic adventure or not. So bye.Bye. Bye bye. bye bye bye bye bye bye. bye bye bye. Bye bye bye bye bye bye. oh sorry. I just need something to say Lol

Created by: TailsPrower24
  1. what was the first stage in sonic story?
  2. which character crash landed a plane on emerald coast in sonic story?
  3. who was the last boss in Tails story?
  4. in knckles story, what was knuckles trying to find?
  5. In amy story, who trying to chase her?
  6. who (part of the E series)that tried to fight eggman?
  7. Who was Big the cat best friend?
  8. Eggman trying to steal the chaos emeralds and giving it to.........
  9. which of the following helps you with hints?
  10. True or False did cream made an apearince in sonic adventure?
  11. which system is sonic adventure on?
  13. which story had this line "nice job knuckle head"?
  14. what was amy story first stage?
  15. what was the final boss in sonic adventure?
  16. Was this quiz boring?

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