How well do you know shadow and silver

There may be many sonic fans but few become epic legends like sonic himself do you have what it takes to be a blue blur of maybe a red orange or white blur?

If you think so than this is the quiz for you because it shows hoe much you know shadow silver and sonic so test it out while you still can and show your legend

Created by: Sonicfanepix
  1. What does shadow wear on his wrists
  2. What is shadow the hedgehog for the gamecube themesong
  3. What is shadow the hedgehogs friend
  4. What do they call shadow
  5. Who sings most of the shadow the hedgehog songs
  6. What color is shadow
  7. How many shadow games have you played counting fan games
  8. How cool is shadow
  9. What fusion did shadow appear in
  10. What is shadows race
  11. What race is silver
  12. What was silvers love interest?
  13. What is silvers fan base level
  14. What is silvers last name
  15. What do you say if i said you can f**k off if you hate silver
  16. Who is you favorite sonoc char not counting tails cream shadow sonic or amy
  17. Was silver ever kissed by amy
  18. Is silver in any clasic sonic games?
  19. What is silvers iq
  20. What do they call silver
  21. What character is cooler
  22. Is silver mlg
  23. Is shadow mlg
  24. Is sanic real
  25. What color is sonic
  26. What color is shadow
  27. What color is silver
  28. Not a bot question what is i am god from

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Quiz topic: How well do I know shadow and silver