How wel:l do you know blur?

Blur is a bloody great band,They were a very important part of Britpop,Their music videos are the best.They have many fans.I wish they sold their merchandise at hot topic

Now let's see if you're real blur fan!Take this simple 10 question to find out what percentage blur fan you are!This quiz has a lot of unique questions

Created by: Riley Gutierrez
  1. What was their original name?
  2. Who Is the drummer?
  3. Who in the group did herion
  4. Finish the lyric:Streets like a jungle-
  5. What song did Graham coxon sing for blur?
  6. How long is song 2
  7. Where was the Magic whip album made
  8. What blur album was released in 2003?
  9. True or false:Think tank was an explicit album
  10. Which member tried to commit suicide
  11. Choose an insult

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Quiz topic: How wel:l do I know blur?