are you sonic shadow or silver?

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are you sonic shadow or silver is a quiz were you can take a sonic fast quiz and see who you are in a silver second and have more fun and be back to your life with out a shadow of a doubt!

are you the fun loving fast runin sonic? or are you the dark and cold rogue shadow? or are you the happy go loving calm and cool silver? well take the's quiz to find out!

Created by: violet679
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. okay lets start off with a easy one what is your fave color
  2. for girls who is more sexy/for boys who is more awesome!
  3. what type of weather do you like most?
  4. whats your fave season
  5. what type of weather do you like most?
  6. if shadow came to you with tears in hes eyes and told you that he herd that the ark landed on earth and he had to have your help to find it. would you?
  7. ok shadz turn to ask a question. shadow:ok do you know what i go through?
  8. ok now its sonics turn to ask a question. sonic:yaya um... oh ya can i do a sonic boom?
  9. ok now its silvers turn to ask a question silver:umm o-okay umm... do you know what i go through?
  10. ok questions are over the's will not effect your result did you like the's quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I sonic shadow or silver?