Your Sonic romance story (part I)

Yo, Zosonils here. I'm doing another Sonic quiz and this time, it's like a pick your path thing - you choose the outcome. Have a great time doing the quiz!

You will get Sonic, Tails, Knux, Shadow or Silver as your Mobian soulmate, who will it be? Take this test/adventure/call it what you want, I don't care to find out!

Created by: Zosonils

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  1. This quiz works as a storyline. Here's the idea: You are turned into a hedgehog and sent flying to the planet Mobius, where you meet new friends and take an epic quest to get home... and find a Mobian soulmate.
  2. You slowly open your eyes. Then you shut them again - your face is full of your hair, you can't see anything else. Suddenly, you hear footsteps. A gloved hand pulls your hair from your face, and through your slightly blurry vision, you see a blue figure with long spines standing over you...
  3. You blink, and your vision clears. The guy who found you is blue and has green eyes. He has long spines attatched to the back of his head and torso, and wears red shoes and white gloves. You slowly sit up, your head spinning. He seems to relax, and says, "Hi! I'm glad you're OK, you looked hurt."
  4. Suddenly, a female voice is carried to your ears. "What's the holdup, Sonic? Chilidog stand?" The voice giggles slightly and a purple girlcat in a jacket and tights leaps down from a tree, starting you.
  5. "Yo, Blaze," Sonic yells back. Blaze walks over to you. "Who's this?" she asks. "I don't know," admits Sonic, "but she doesn't recognise me, so she must be from pretty far away. She might need help."
  6. Sonic and Blaze help you stand, then take you back to a small but friendly-looking house. Blaze brings you into a bedroom. She seems nice enough. "I'm Blaze, Blaze the Cat," she explains. "What's your name?" " I'm (your name)," you introduce yourself. "(your name) the Hedgehog?" Blaze asks. You are confused. You look in the mirror - and you are a hedgehog! Your hair, eyes and clothes are the same, but you are covered with short (colour) fur and have short spines on your head and torso like Sonic did!
  7. You shut your eyes and shake your head around. You aren't dreaming, this is real! Blaze looks at you, alarmed. "Are you alright?" she asks. "I... don't know!" you say. "I'm not from here. I'm a human, from Earth. I dunno how I got here, and I hardly know anyone here, and my parents will be freaking out, I don't know how to get home, and... and..." Blaze reaches out her arm to comfort you. "Don't worry," she says kindly. "We'll help you."
  8. You go downstairs to see Sonic, your heart still thudding. "Hey!" he says cheerfully. "I got my friends here, they wanna meet you." At this point, you notice he is surrounded by many other creatures - a fox, an echidna, and two other hedgehogs, one black with red striped spines, and one silvery-grey with a wild haircut. You can also see another pink hedgehog, this one a girl in a red dress, and a pale brown bunny holding a blue and yellow creature.
  9. Sonic introduces you to all his friends. The fox is named Miles Prower, or 'Tails'. The echidna is Knuckles, the official Guardian of the Master Emerald... whatever that is. The black stripy one is called Shadow. He was holed up in a test tube for a long, long time. The guy with the crazy hair is called Silver, and comes from a ruined future, trying to save it. The girls are Amy, the hedgehog, and Cream, the bunny. Cream's little pet is Cheese, the Chao.
  10. "Hey there!" Silver says, blushing. Just then, Shadow pushes him away. "Oooow..." Silver moans from the floor. "Don't mind him," Shadow explains to a confused you. "I'm Shadow. Nice to meet you." Suddenly, Knuckles leaps on him. "Oh, and most importantly, I'm Knuckles. Call me Knux." "I wasn't finished talking to her yet!" "You guys cut me off!" *loud slap* "Owww! What was THAT about?!?!?" In a few moments, the guys are hitting each other in a tangle of arms and legs.
  11. This question isn't important I just got glitches and managed to have 2 copies of 1 question lol
  12. You are lost, but you have caring friends to guide you through it. You and the others chat casually as the moon rises. Amy is wearing some heart-patterned flannelettes, Cream is in a cute pink nightie, Blaze is wearing similar clothes, but softer and looser, and you have borrowed...
  13. You are not quite asleep in your bed when you hear a voice. It's Blaze. "(Your name)? Are you awake?" You slowly get up, a little drowsy. "I'm awake," you say. "What is it?" "Come on," Blaze says. "I want to show you something." You slowly follow her outside. What happens next? The sequel decides... In the meantime, who will become your Mobian soulmate?

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Quiz topic: My Sonic romance story (part I)