Sonic Multiverse Love part 2

Hello once again sorry about the other one it was my frist quiz and i didn't know what to do.Know in this part you are meeting new mobians let's see how it turns out

Are you ready to have your personal story?I thought so ^^.In this one gets a little more dramatic so make sure you choose wisely and don't forget to comment

Created by: LifelesSL

  1. Okay let's recap here:You went on a family trip with Starla and the rest of your family. Appearently your Little Sister,Nina,was following you.You decided to go back to your mother but soon you Starla and Nina got lost.It was nighttime and you couldn't kept on walking.You told Nina a fairy story about a little girl who decided to live with the fairies forever.As you finished the story all of you fell asleep.Nina got awake and saw fairies.She followed the fairies.After you heard a sream you and Starla knew it was Nina and you ran off you find her.You got captured by a man Dr.Eggman and was in a house full of mobians you met Sonic and Silver but now meet new guys ;)
  2. As you tried to get up to look for your friend and little sister Sonic stopped you."aah...!"You were in pain."Whoa easy!If you want to see your friends so badly let me bring them to you."Sonic ran off to get them.You were alone with Silver.You two started talking."So..." silver started."Where did you came from?""well long story short.I'm...or WAS from Earth.We were in a trip and i was with my family so-""Wait.You're from Earth?Weird.You look like your from Mobius."He said.You looked at him with much confusion.Then looked at yourself...
  3. You had your arms full of fur and had a tail.You touched your head and felt quills,then you had animal ears."What am i?" you asked Silver."You're a Hedgehog.You seriously didn't notice?""A hedgehog?" your eyes widen."Hey guess who's hear to see ya."Sonic came back to your room.You saw a Tall fox with blonde bangs like Starla did and you saw a small,young hedgehog who had two pig tails on the side of her head."Big Sis!" the little hegehog said."Nina?"
  4. the small hedgehog jumped on you."Oh Big Sis i thought you were hurt!are you mad at me?"You hugged at Nina tightly."I'm not mad At you Nina,Don't ever run like that off again i couldn't bear to see you get hurt!"
  5. You two stopped looked at Starla."Starla what happened to you?You look like-" "A fox?Don't worry i'm still me ya know." You hugged her."Alright _____ let's introduce you to our friends."Said sonic.
  6. As you came you saw a lot of mobians in there.There was a pink hedgehog,and two rabbits in the kitchen.A small bee a chameleon and a crocidile at a table.A bat and a cat on the couch.A red echidnaa black hedgehog and a two tailed yellow fox talking."hi Sonic."The Two tailed fox said."Is she okay?""You betcha little buddy.We are going to introduce her to everybody."Sonic looked at you."This is Tails." "Hi." Said Tails he blushed a little.
  7. "hey guys i have somebody i want you to meet."Sonic said.Everybody stared at you.The pink hedgehog came up to you."Hi!My name is Amy!Nice to meet you!" she said.
  8. The two rabbits walked to you."Oh my thank goodness your safe are you feeling okay?" one of them asked."I feel fine.Why wouldn't I?" you said."Well you were kinda blacked out for a while."Said Tails."How long?""Three days."You were surprised."But don't worry,Vanilla and i have been keeping an eye on you."Sonic said.
  9. Sonic introduce you to everybody only there was one problem the black and red hedgehog named shadow didn't spoke to you what so ever.Which was weird but you didn't let that bother you.
  10. You spend most of the time with Sonic,Tails,Knuckles and Shadow to figure out how to get you,Nina and Starla back to your home and family.But still Shadow won't talk to you as if he doesn't trust you.You are worried sick about your family How your mother is bawling about her two little girls,How your dad is blaming himself of your disappearence and your brother,Yeah your brother is also worried too,How he is fighting with himself about not being a good brother.That night you Starla and Nina needed to share a room together.It was midnight everybody except for Sonic ,Knuckles,Espio,Vector and Shadow were sleeping."Big Sister?" Said Nina "Yeah?" Nina woke you up.You thought she was afraid because she had a nightmare or something."Big Sis i'm sorry for running off like that and getting us into this mess."She started to cry softly.You went to her bed and hugged her."Oh Nina you have nothing to be sorry it was MY fault simple as that."Nina still cried and then looked up at you."Big Sis Do-do you still love me?"
  11. You hugged her tightly she hugged her back.You were also in tears."Of course i do love you Nina I always did and I'll always will."There was a moment of silence soon Nina started to fall asleep in your arm.As soon as she was sound asleep you put her to bed,but then she started to talk in a whisper."Big Sis promise me you won't hate anybody here."You smiled."Of course i won't what makes you say that?""well you and Mr.Shadow never talk at all.""Well it's not that we hate each other it's just that he doesn't have time to talk to anyone.Now go back to sleep."She did as you said.Then you started to go back to your bed.As you walked to your bed you thought of something.You remember when you were just 7 years old your mother read you a story*Flashback*"Good night sweetie." your mother said."Mom?Did you ever notice Nina is always cries whenever she's alone?"You asked."Yes i do but she's just a baby." Your mother gets up from your bed.She didn't do anything for 5 seconds."_____?" She said."Yes Mom?""Promise me you won't hate Nina." you looked at her surprised."Of course i won't hate Nina why i wouldn't even think of that." your mother smiled."Good because i would hate to see you too be miserable if you started fighting.Why i don't think we could be a family.""I promise mom i would never hate Nina.""Thank you _____."
  12. *End of Flashback* You just stand there."Mom i would never hate Nina." you said.You started to go back to bed but then..."Alright let's get some shut eye for tomorrow."Said sonic.The boys went back to bed."Shadow?" he said."Yes Sonic?""Can we talk for a moment?"You walked near the door and slightly opened it to see what was going on.You saw Sonic and Shadow standing."Shadow you have been acting acting rude to _____.You never talk to her,you ignore her and whenever she tries to bond,you just walk away.Come on Shadow you know better than that."Shadow just stared at Sonic."Sorry.It's just complicated."He said."what's so complicated about boding with a girl?"Sonic asked."You don't understand.Whenever she talks to me i try to talk to her but my words keep choking me.Even when i'm around her i can't even look at her.I love____."As soon as Shadow's word came out you blushed.Then closed the door behind you.You couldn't sleep at all those words that shadow said were deep in your heart.
  13. That's the end of the quiz see ya in part 3

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