Your sonic story p2(a hedgehog returns

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This is part two of your sonic story and an unexpected guest aprears when you scream he likes you but the real question is do you like him back?!!!!!!

Well any way I thinke your going to like this one because it just grabs your attention more than the last one but again do you like scourge or never?!

Created by: Nicole lynx

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  1. Previously: you were an ordinary middle schooler named Alex and who is fast ,funny and a Mager tec head
  2. U also found one of robot nicks animal forming bug that bit you just before sonic and tails where about to stop it you started to change from human too-
  3. "WhAt question am I forgetting?"you say quite annoyed." A red echidna walks in and looks at you up and down!
  4. You quick run to look in a mirror and-____!
  5. I'm a -
  6. "Hedgehog?!!"you screamed! Suddenly somebody opened the door and quickly grabbed you and held you in his/her arms! The imposter was none other than scourge the hedgehog!"did someone say hedgehog in a girl voice that isn't amy,"scourge said."yes now put me down," you said,"I did actully-wait why?!"
  7. "Not your problem,yet,"scourge replied,"can me and Alex go out alone plz sonic! I promise I will be good
  8. I don't kn-thanks see ya,scourge inturrupted!he took you to the beach."ok we're here now take me back."you said."chill alex we just got here,"scoure responded." I don't recall giving you my name mister stalker!"you shot back
  9. You then ran away from there but scourge grabbed your arm and said,(come on babe I didn't get to see you even hotter in a-"you inturrupted scourge saying,"shut the heck up!
  10. You push his hand off your arm and run off."dang she's faster than sonic,"scourge said!you get back to the freedom fighters base and find tails sitting on the couch on his comeputer trying to figure out all your intell
  11. You sit next to him on the sofa and see wat he's doing you help him explain who u are and stuff and tell him about how athletic u are!you then tell him your speed it's above normal.suddenly you see a spider and jump up an disappear!
  12. To be continued

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Quiz topic: My sonic story p2(a hedgehog returns