which sonic boys will date anna the hedgehog

This story talk about a girl who was a human and someone who kidnapped was anna rose the eggman introduce and drop her in a portal when sonic found her .he brought her I. His house

Part two didn't came out yet but I am still thinking what to write down so this girl was name anna rose and turned into a hedgehog who has brown her with bangs and wears blue shirt and blue skirts above her knees

Created by: anna the hedgehog

  1. Anna was a human,she started walking untill someone kidnapped her.eggman intrudes her and drop her in the portal .
  2. She fall on top of sonic and fainted sonic pick her up and takes her to his house when she looks around she says
  3. Sonic saw her wake up and said hi I'm sonic sonic the hedgehog and you say I'm anna rose,sonic interrupt her and said your anna rose the hedgehog and u said
  4. He calms u down and said it okay I will let u intrudes u to my friends sonic said then when sonic and u went downstairs u saw one female hedgehog,two male hedgehog, one cat one female echidna,one male echidna one female bat one male fox and one female rabbit
  5. They see her and ran up to her hi am Amy rose and I am blaze the cat and I am cream the rabbit it a pleasure to meet and I am tikal the echidna nice to meet u,and I am rouge the bat will thank you girl to introduce me my name is anna rose the hedgehog
  6. All the boys drool when they meet anna.sonic says will boys intrudes yourself.h hi my name is silver the hedgehog and my name is shadow the hedgehog kisses her hand anna blush well my name is knuckles the echidna and my name is Miles prower but u can call me tail. blush.
  7. While anna tells everyone what happen sonic says u can come stay in my house (blushes).anna say thanks Amy says hey anna do u want to come with us to shopping
  8. When anna went with Amy to shopping Amy says do u have a crush on someone anna says no (blushes) Amy says oh okay then they enter to the mall and bought anna clothes anna picks a blue shirt and blue shoes blue skirts anna loves blue Amy went to paid the the clothes
  9. When anna and Amy came back all the boys saw anna clothes and drool shadow POV.when anna came back with Amy anna looks so hot and she reminds me maria. sonic POV.anna looks beautiful with those clothes and has the same color as mine. tails POV anna looks pretty.
  10. When the boys finished to drool they wanted to ask her on a date shadow ask first and said anna would u go to the date then silver push shadow and silver said anna would u go to the date with me then knuckles punch silver and anna got scared and knuckles said anna would u go to the date then sonic came in speed and said anna would u uh go to the date with me than tails came and said anna w would u u g go t to the d d date with me then all the boys said I ask her first

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