How much do you know about Sonic the hedgehog?

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People think they know Sonic the hedgehog. Are you one of them? Take this quiz to find out. :p Or just go make Dr. Eggman kill you. Or Eggman Nega. I wish I could stop typing now. Needing to use 150 letters.... CHAOS CONTROL!

Do you know Sonic the hedgehog? Bet you do? Take this quiz to find out. Everyone is welcome to take this quiz. ^_^ Now....... GO SONIC SPEED! Well if you can.

Created by: Swaggy
  1. Sonic's best friend is
  2. Sonic has a brother named
  3. In Sonic Rush for the ds, who does he meet?
  4. Sonic has to have _ chaos emeralds to become super sonic.
  5. Sonic is weak to what
  6. In Sonic Adventure 2 battle for game cube. Sonic meets Shadow. He notices Shadow has a chaos emerald. What color was the emerald?
  7. How did Sonic and Tails meet in SonicX? (tails tells a story on how they met)
  8. Amy goes chaos for Sonic. How does Sonic react to her
  9. Sonic loves
  10. Sonic and Knuckles are friends

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Sonic the hedgehog?