Sonic Multiverse Love part 1

The story where you get new friends and maybe get a few men?Only one can be right for you heart.just who?You are a in love all boys.You have a sister and a best friend

Which guy is right for you.They may think you are right for them,but you can only get one who is right for you at heart.You won't choose the guy the is is choosed for you

Created by: LifelesSL
  1. "ellos!Welcome to my first quiz you ready?Directions so this____ is you name and you are in a planet of new friends and boys... ;)the results are Sonic Silver Tails Shadow Knuckles and others. GOT IT?
  2. Okay so you're on a family trip with one of your friends (Her name is Starla by the way)You two were out alone while your family are going together.Then your little sister started following you!"this is a really wonderful place Starla!" you said (you are in a forest)"Yeah no wonder you parents have been dying to go back here" Starla said.You two were taking pictures,you turned around because you felt someone following you.It was your sister."Hi____!" she said."Nina!Why are you following us?!" You practiclly yelled."Mom told you to never run off!She must be worried to death!Does Mom know you're here?""No.But don't worry big sis she must know that i'm with you and since I'm here with my Big Sister YOU can protect me!" She hugged you and both you and Starla stared at each other worried."This is bad." you said "I'll take you to Mom right away."
  3. you grabbed Nina's hand and took her to your Mom."There goes our chance of taking pictures of nature." Starla said.You and the girls are going to the direction where your mother was,you kept going and going.Nothing.Still kept on walking but your family wasn't there."Thanks a lot Nina we lost Mom and Dad!"You said angrily.Nina had eyes full of tears and was starting to cry."I did?I'm sorry ____!*sniff,sniff*" "You should be!Now we'll be stuck here because you decided to follow us!" Nina started to cry and then she screamed."____!" Said Starla."You shouldn't treat your sister like that!Yeah she got us lost but she doesn't know any better ,she's just a kid." You looked at Nina she looked at You. Starla was right she IS you little sister right?
  4. You gave Nina a hug she hugged you back."Sorry Nina.I just wanted some alone time with Starla and take some photos.I shouldn't have yelled at you."You said."It's okay Big Sister.I wanted to spend time with you like old times." You and Nina stopped hugging,you grabbed her hand."Let's go find Mom and Dad." you said."And Tyler too!Don't Forget Tyler." Said Nina (Tyler is your older brother) you rolled your eyes and smiled.then you started walking.Still had the same results.Nothing.It was getting dark and you needed shelter you couldn't keep on walking on nighttime!You decided to rest under a huge Tree.If it rained the leaves would keep you dry."are we gonna be here forever?Without Mommy and Daddy?" said Nina she was about to cry again."No,no,no,no,no Nina!We ARE going to find Mom and Dad and Tyler..." you said. Starla walked to you And Nina."I bet they are finding us too and who knows?Maybe they could find us right at this very moment!" Starla put a smile on her face."You really think so?" Nina said with a shy smile."I know so!" Both you and Starla said."But we need to rest you're not old enough to be walking on Nighttime."You said.Nina looked confused."Not even you Big Sis?" she said."Not even us Nina,Just because I'm you Big sister doesn't mean I don't have fears too." "But I always thought that Big Sister ____ was strong and brave." Nina said."Even big kids get scared Nina but as you grow older you'll just laugh at it.Even Mom and Dad have fears." You said smiling."even Tyler?" Nina said.You rolled your eyes again."Even bad boy Tyler." you grabbed Nina's nose ad started to playfully shake it."What are their fears?" Asked Nina,she was expecting her family to have a big scary fear of monsters or spiders.
  5. You stared at Nina's eyes."Well Nina,"They are afraid of loosing us." Nina looked confused."Why?" she asked."Because we mean everything in the world to them.And they would never hurt us.Now let's get some shut eye and wait for Mom and Dad."Nina yawned."But I'm not sleepy.Can you tell me a story?"You nodded.You Picked up Nina (Literaly)and walked to the tree."Once Upon a time," You started."There was a young girl,who loved to be in the forest and look around by herself.But what nobody knew,not even her parents knew,that she had magical powers of talking to animals and fairies.One day she was playing with her fairy friends and she wasn't too happy with her old home it was too boring.So she asked if she could live with them forever and be the same age she is today.They allowed her to be with them.They flew off and the little girl disappeared and was never seen by anyone but she still lived happy with her fairies.The End." Nina was asleep by the time you ended the story.You notice Starla was also sleeping.You stared into the sky.The stars were shining bright and your eyes became heavier and heavier.Then you started to sleep.
  6. Nina wakes up.It was still nighttime like at 3 in the morning.She didn't know why she was up so early, something just told her.She looked at the ground for a moment,then at the sky.And there she saw it.Fairies flying through the sky(it was just her imagination.)Nina looked at you.You were still sleeping.'Well a few moments couldn't hurt' Nina got up and walked with the fairies.How they fly so gracefully with their beautiful wings.She kept on following them.Suddenly the were going through a huge bush basiclly hiding themselves."Fairies?Come on little fairies i want to play.Don't hide from me, i want to be your friend."As she got through the bush she saw the fairies were gone."Phooey!They got away!" She turned around then-"AAAAAAAAHHH!!"
  7. You woke up as you heard the scream. Starla also woke up."Did you hear that____?" Asked Starla. "Yeah sounded like a little girl screamin..." You both look at each other."Nina!" you both said.You two ran off,the everything went black...You woke up and was in a lab tube."Greetings Ladies." said a voice.You looked up and there was a tall,fat man with a mustache and glasses."Welcome to my ship in my labortory where you are safe,except frome me!" he laughed."What have you done to my sister?!" You yelled."My,my i thought girls show their manners."He said sarcasticly. "What have you done to her?!"He pointed to a girl sitting on her knees and looking at you..."Bis Sister!" She said,It was Nina!
  8. "Get ready ladies cause you are now ready to be transformed!" Said Eggman. You felt pain and fell down with agony.You closed your eyes."hey Eggman! What do you think you're doing?" you heard a voice you saw a blue something your vision was blurry.You passed out.
  9. "hey you okay?"you heard the same voice on the night you were kidnapped.You opened your eyes and saw a blue hedgehog with a smile."Oh good you're okay."He was close to you,he was standing next to you in a bed."Wha?Who are you?Where are we?Where's here?How did I-""Whoa!Too much questions!Clam down." He laughed then he smiled again."Name's Sonic.Sonic the Hedgehog.and you are?" He grabbed your hand.You blushed."I'm ____." "hmmm. Nice name ____!You okay?" He got closer to you as if he was about to-Someone open the door it was a Silver hedgehog."Silver?!"Sonic yelled.He fell down and he was blushing in embarrasment."Ever heard of knocking?" Sonic kept on blushing."Well sorry for interrupting the romance here."He said.You laugh a little,Silver noticed you.he walked towards you,his cheeks turned a slight bit red."Hi.I'm Silver." You blushed a bit."I'm____,Nice to meet you Silver." then you remembered. "Nina!Starla!"
  10. Seeya in part 2 did you like my quiz?

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