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Hi. Zosonils again. I made another Sonic fact quiz, check out the 1st one 'What Do You Know About Sonic?' and search up Zosonils on the custom search for more by me!

I worked on this one for 3 hours straight today. I needed to take my mind off things because my grandparents dog died yesterday 😢 and I haven't done a quiz for a while. Enjoy!

Created by: Zosonils
  1. What (animal) is Sonic?
  2. How fast is Sonic?
  3. Can Sonic swim?
  4. What is Sonic's favourite food?
  5. Who has a massive crush on Sonic?
  6. Who does Sonic become when he absorbs the power of the Chaos Emeralds?
  7. Why does Sonic hate Eggman so much?
  8. Who does Sonic truly love?
  9. What family does Sonic have?
  10. How old is Sonic?
  11. Who are the other Freedom Fighters (not including Sonic)?
  12. Sonic has, in his words, 'my evil twin who says he's king, my other evil twin who won't stay smashed, and some slapped-together combo of the two.' Who does he refer to?
  13. Aaaaaaaah! Unlucky 13!
  14. Whew, we're all good now. How does Sonic usually destroy a 'secret boss' (after the final battle of the game's storyline)?
  15. Does Sonic have enemies other than Eggman?
  16. The final question... Sonic's middle name?

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