Are You More Like Sonic the Hedgehog OR Tails the Fox???

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Me/K: Today, we will see if your more like Tails the Fox or Sonic the Hedgehog. I hope you enjoy this quiz and also, how do you like your Chili Dogs if you eat any?

Me/K: Like, do you like your Chili Dog's with extra cheese or Chili, or both equal, or just a Hot Dog, or you don't eat them. Idk, whatever you guys like, anyway, ENJOY!!!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: First off, pick a COLLAR out of these! (You can't kill me if I said "Collar" not "Color")
  2. Me/K: Pick an animal
  3. Me/K: You want a Chili Dog? You want more cheese or more Chili?
  4. Me/K: Which are you MORE like?
  5. Me/K: People call you...
  6. Me/K: Are you more of a leader or follower?
  7. Me/K: Your face to face with Eggman and his robots are destroying the town, your a hero, how will you take the Bots down?
  8. Me/K: Which are you more of?
  9. Me/K: There's a new kid at your school who is alone and gets picked on. Your friends are saying things like "WOW! Their so ugly. They have NO skill. Stay away from that loser." What would you do?
  10. Me/K: A kid likes you and turns out, they are MADLY in love with you that they'll do ANYTHING for you to notice them (Yandere, XD), how would you react if they tried to kiss you?
  11. Me/K: When you play a video game against someone else, how do you act?
  12. Me/K: Which school subject is your favorite?
  13. Me/K: Which FEMALE Sonic character is better?
  14. Me/K: Which OTHER MALE Sonic character?
  15. Me/K: Which Quote?
  16. Me/K: Do you have lots of confidence?
  17. Me/K: Your dream summer is...
  18. Me/K: Which fear do you have more of?
  19. Me/K: Which game?
  20. Me/K: Do people underestimate you?
  21. Me/K: Lastly, who do you think you are? (NO EFFECT)

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Quiz topic: Am I More Like Sonic the Hedgehog OR Tails the Fox???