MAMORU Dragon (Story Part 7)

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Me/K: This is the next part! Take my OLD quizzes of this to understand! I think this one is pretty good, so hopefully, you agree! I hope you enjoy this!

Me/K: I don't know what else to put so Sonic, tell me how you came to love Chili Dogs. Sonic: *Eating Chili Dog* I don't know, the love just came. Also, hey quiztakers, enjoy the story!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf
  1. (Where we left off) "GUYS!" you yelled to your friends "KAMEREON IS INVISIBLE! WATCH OUT!" They all heard you, but then, you heard an explosion. "KAGEROU!" you heard Arctica yell! You gasped when you turned around to see...
  2. You saw Kagerou on the floor, unconscious! Arctica didn't know where Kamereon was so she stayed there, but created a wall of Ice. "We need to end this and get help" Nosuri told you guys "Bosu, do something!" "It's up to Ryoto" he says. You just sigh and say "FINE! I'LL END THIS!" Then, you use your powers and create a Water Dragon to grab the Villains, but then, there's another explosion. There was so much fog!
  3. Once the fog and smoke cleared, you saw that the villains were gone! "HOW" you gasped "They always run, how are we gonna get them?!" "By being better heros" Bosu said "Which your not, you all failed so far, we will work again tomorrow." "HAS ANYONE REMEMBERED THAT KAGEROU MAY DIE?!" Arctica asked them. "We need to get to a hospital" Nezumi said. Then, Nosuri turned into an Owl "Hop on so we can go!" Everyone helped get Kagerou (Except Bosu) and you guys were flying off to the hospital.
  4. You guys get to the hospital, the doctors see that the hero, Kagerou is hurt so they take him in immediately! You and everyone else were just waiting in the Waiting Room. There was silence, you and your friends were just taking the time to hope that Kagerou was ok. What are your thoughts?
  5. "What now?" Nosuri asked Bosu, breaking the silence. "We keep going" he answered "What else?" "WHAT?!" Arctica looked at him like he was crazy "Kagerou is hurt! We're really going to keep training?!" Bosu glared at Nosuri and Nosuri told her "It's for the best, Arctica, we need to keep training, what about the people in the city. Their powerless without us." "What?! Nosuri, you would NEVER say that! You think all people have power! You think their awesome and I know we have to keep fighting, but everyone can at least ACT like they care!" Then, Bosu glared at Nezumi and Torao. "This is for the best" Torao said. "Yeah" Nezumi agreed. "We're still going to take care of Kagerou, right?" she asked them. "Eh, whatever happens happens" Bosu said. "He was never really important anyways" Nosuri said. Nezumi and Torao nodded in agreement. "What" Arctica was confused "DON'T YOU GUYS CARE?! WHAT ABOUT YOU, (Y/N)?! DO YOU CARE?!"
  6. "I-" you were about to say that you cared, but when Bosu glared at you, you couldn't control yourself and said "I don't care. Let him die, that's fine with me." Arctica looked at you, puzzled "WHAT?! (Y/N), that's not like you to say that!" "It doesn't matter" Bosu said, "No one cares about him so forget him, he means nothing, only care about yourselves. Come on, Torao, Nosuri, Nezumi, (Y/N), let's go." You all followed him and went outside, leaving Arctica there in the hospital.
  7. You, your friends, and Bosu went outside and it was like you snapped back to reality. "What happened?" you asked confused and rubbing your eyes, they hurt for some reason. Your friends were doing the same thing. "My eyes hurt" Nezumi said. "Same" Torao's eyes did too. "And what happened?" Nosuri asked. "Nothing" Bosu said "You just finished helping Kagerou, now, go home." "Where's Arctica?" you asked him. "She's fine" he said "She just needs a minute. GO HOME!" You guys listened and walked home. You still didn't know what happened back there...
  8. Arctica was still waiting in the hospital until the doctor came out and said "Mrs. Arctica." "Just call me Arctica, now, what's the case?" "We aren't sure if he will be ok, but we have high hopes, he will have to stay here overnight for about a week or so. We will let you know when he wakes up, just visit whenever you can." Arctica frowned "I see...well, thanks for the help...." "You know how he got hurt?" "I'm not sure" Arctica answered "There was an explosion so maybe that. Why do you ask?" "Oh, well, we looked at him and he was being controlled or something because his sickness said that he couldn't think straight, when he wakes up, he may not remember what happened during that period."
  9. "How do you know this" Arctica asked her. "We did a few readings and we found that there was this yellow stuff in his head, but it was fading. That's what it read when we looked at it." Arctica gasped, she remembered that Bosu's eyes...YELLOW! "YELLOW?! EYES?! GLARE?! THAT'S WHY MY FRIENDS WERE AGAINST ME! I GET IT NOW" Arctica told the nurse, but she didn't understand. "What?" she asked Arctica. "Oh, nothing! I GOTTA GO!" She ran out the hospital and was running to the Dome!
  10. Arctica ran as fast as she could toward the Dome, as she ran there, it started to rain. A storm was about to come, but she kept going and made it to the Dome. She looked around, hoping that Bosu was there so they could chat but she couldn't find him. She looked behind benches, big rocks, trees in the Dome and more, but he was nowhere. She was about to leave until...
  11. She stopped when she heard someone say "Yes, sir." She knew who the voice was, it was Bosu. He was behind the Dragon Designed Building. Arctica hid behind a tree and heard him on the phone with someone. "Yes Sir" he said "If I can handle this?! Of course I can, working with these idiots are easy! Their weak, a horn can literally stop them! Also, I hurt one of the hero's. Hopefully, they die, but one of the hero's are too close to him and tried to get the rest of the group on her side. She was going against me. Luckily, I got in control of the other hero's. Now, they are on my side. We WILL win." Arctica gasped, she was right, this guy was sketchy!
  12. "Yes, ok, sir. I will tell you more about their location and everything" Bosu said, "Bye", he ended the call and Arctica came out from behind the tree "I KNEW IT! I knew there was something sketchy about you! I would do my Happy Dance, but this is more of a bad thing. Your not even friends with Mamoru! Your a VILLAIN!" "I mean, I know Mamoru at least. Either way, it doesn't matter, all I need to do is keep your friends controlled." "They won't listen to you!" "They DON'T have a choice, once I give them a glare, they'll listen! And so will you...unless...I kill you now!"
  13. "You can kill me" said Arctica "But don't kill my friends!" Arctica got into a fighting stance. Bosu laughed "This will be easy," he took out a remote control and pressed a button which made the Dome come down, which meant, one of them could fall down to the ground since they were in the sky and could DIE! Plus, it was slippery because it was raining and with the Dome down, water fell on them from the sky.
  14. Bosu ran as fast he could to Arctica, about to kick her but Arctica did a front flip and dodged the attack! Then, Arctica tried to kick Bosu, but he jumped out the way! "YOUR A SLOW FOX!" Bosu laughed. Arctica got mad and jumped up and froze Bosu's feet with her ice and was about to punch Bosu, but he stared into her eyes, trying to control her, but Arctica held back, but accidentally fell to the ground. "Just give up, Fox, give in, let me control you, you aren't going to win in the end. Arctica got up and kicked him hard, so hard that he broke out the ice and fell to the floor!
  15. Bosu got up and him and Arctica ran up to each other and started hitting each other hard, they sometimes dodged and sometimes took hits. But in the end, they kicked each other at the same time, so hard that they fell back far. Luckily, they didn't fall off the edge. Bosu took a breath "I don't even get why your trying!"
  16. "What are you talking about?" Arctica asked him. "All this" he replied back "All this hero stuff, I mean, your not even good at it. If anything, you would make a great villain for being so reckless." "What are you even talking about?!" "You remember" he told her "Years ago when heros were still around, at least, some. There was the battle between the villains and hero's, some hero's died, well, except your father. He was the last hero fighting with Mamoru, he was trying to save people, but you, you wanted to help. Just because you had powers, you thought you were ready to help, but you were a child then!"
  17. Bosu continued "You saw a family about to die because of a villain and you went in the way of them, trying to use your ice powers to build a wall around them, but it wasn't working so your helpless dad went in the and died in an explosion trying to save you. Wow, you really are a villain, it really shows that since you killed your own father at such a young age-" "SHUT UP!" Arctica told him "How do you know that?! I'm the ONLY one who knows!" Bosu laughed "Cause I was there! I was one of the villains! I used some of my power to make your father hurt himself, then, you finished him off..." "It was an accident! I would NEVER kill him-" "But you did! Your not good at being a hero! Your better at being evil! Your not even good at protecting, you tried to protect people at a young age, didn't work. You tried to protect people now, didn't work. You tried to protect (Y/N), didn't work. He got taken. You tried to protect Kagerou, he's in the hospital! You see, your NO hero! Your weak! You act like your some "Fun" happy hero who does great things, but in reality, I say that the other heros are better than you will ever be!" Arctica was just quiet, she said nothing...she knew it was true.
  18. Bosu chuckled "Your quiet cause you know it's true!" Then, he ran up to Arctica, about to hit her, but someone kicked him back! Arctica turned around to you as your hero self and some guy with Black hair, blue streaks, blue eyes, blue shirt, black coat, and a black mask (The Guy in the Quiz Pic). "What?" Arctica didn't know why you were here "Ryoto, why you here? Who is this?!" "This guy came to tell me that Bosu was an imposter" you answered "This is Mamoru's REAL friend! His name is Kioku!" "Yeah" Kioku said "Now, let's END this!" (Kioku Meaning: Memory)
  19. Then, you and Kioku ran over to Bosu and punched him with all your might at the SAME time that he fell back and passed out due to all the strength. He was still alive, just not conscious. "What are we going to do with him?" you asked Kioku. "I'm going to take away his memory of doing this mission" Kioku said as he bent down, put his hand on Bosu's head and began to use his power to take away his memory. "You kids can go," he told you "Also, I will be your new trainer, meet me here tomorrow at 4, tell your friends. And I know your identities, Mamoru told me. You guys may go." "Um...Ok" you said.
  20. You and Arctica turned back into your regular selves and left the Dome and you guys went to the park, K (Arctica) said that she wanted to tell you something.
  21. It was night and you and K were walking on the Park trail in silence until you broke the silence. "So...what did you want to tell me?...Do you love me?" you joked and started laughing. "What?! No." That was strange, usually K would laugh or say another joke, but instead, she was more serious and seemed sad. "What's wrong?" you asked her. She sighed and stopped walking, you did too, then she gave you a gift box "Take it. I want you to know that I really care about you and I want the best for you." She told you. "Um, ok" you said and she just walked away and left you at the park.
  22. You opened the gift box and inside you saw an Arctic Fox Designed Bracelet, it looked familiar, then, you knew what it was. K'S BRACELET TO TURN INTO A HERO! Why did she give it to you? The box also had a note with it. You read the Note, it said:
  23. "Dear, (Y/N). I have a feeling you may be standing here confused so I'll explain. First off, I wanna say that I love you and our friends. You guys mean a lot to me...which I why I'm doing this. I want you to hold onto my Power Bracelet. You are brave, kind, and responsible. You are WAY BETTER than me. You are a TRUE hero, NOT me. What I'm saying is...I quit. I can't be a hero. I can't keep hurting people. I'm sorry! I care about you all, this is a hero choice so please understand. Love, Kaylah."
  24. Me/K: CLIFFHANGER! Come back for Part 8! That's all for today, BOI!!!

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