Children of the moon

my story has magic romance and thrills around every corner pleas read

part 2 will be out in a week or so

Created by: wolfgirl1920

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  1. i was walking to the animal shelter were i volunteer i am only fourteen so i am to young to work there yet. I am going to meet my best friend/cousin Megan I a, little older then her by six months we are like sisters. One time someone thought we were twins we both have golden blonde hair but i have sapphire blue eyes she has emerald green. After awhile i got small red strips and red tips she got blue. I got to the animal shelter right on time when the boss Mrs. lila was levying. "Lila where are you going" Lila "There has been a call of a huge wolf the size of you that got killed on the side of the rode i am going t check it out before the government disposes of it" (she think the government hides thing from us) "can i came can i come ppllleeaass." she finely said yes after about me asking three times.
  2. We put my dirt bike in the back because she takes sooo long to look at the dead animal stuff. "We are here" Lila said over her shoulder. i got out and the wolf was freakishly huge i am talking bigger then me and i am five foot five. "shadow go get me my wight gloves" Lila said looking at the wolf i got the gloves and a said"Pleas just call me Shade" she did not answer i looked over my shoulder at her and she told me not to come any closer. Being the dumb head i am i walked over to her. she turned and yelled at me for coming i looked at the wolf that was now put on its side and there was a dead body underneath it. WHAT IT IS NOT DEAD the body was a boy at least sixteen. He pointed at me and said "take this" in a very weak voice he gave me three necklaces and said "keep one and give the other to your best friends that you would trust with your life" Lila was staring at the boy die. he pointed towerd the end of the rode. i walked over there two see three puppies i looked closer they were wolf pups i piked them all up and ran back over to him. he was writing and gave me a note his last words were be careful.
  3. Lila "go now they are coming." i looked up to see choppers over head i put the puppies in my back pack (don't worry it is a big back pack) i ran got my dirt bike out of the back threw my helmet on and was driving back to the animal shelter.
  4. I got back to the animal shelter and walked inside like nothing happened Megan ran towards me and strangled me in a huge hug. i pulled her off to see her usually bright green energetic eyes were filled with tears. "Megan whats wrong" she made me look at the T.V and i saw the animal shelters van on fire and a two bodes covered and plastic. two faces popped up one was Lila the other was the boy he had no name on the screen. Megan was still sobbing saying "i thought you were gone i was so scared with terse poring down her face.
  5. Megan and i went home (i live with her) we got there and my aunt and uncial were so worried when i got home. They finely let me go to my room. I put my back gently on my bed and took the wolf pups out i left them on my bed to go get ready for bed i took a long warm shower and put some sweat pants on with my shirt with a cat on it saying whazzup!! on it. I walked out of the bath room than remembered the note i ran back and pulled it out it was blood all over it but i could still read it
  6. the note Dear Shadow I know who you are but you don't no who i am i was a friend of your parents i am sorry for what happened to them but in 2013 on the fourth of july you will meet my little brother Stanton you will know him when you see him and the wolf pups they will choose you the black ones with the blue eyes name is Luna the gray one is named down and the wight one with the green eyes is named Emerald.
  7. i walked over to the wolfs and looked at them i put one of the necklaces on it had a angle with black wings with bright blue eyes and a glowing sapphire in it. the necklace had a note around it that said Shadow this is yours the necklace it shows your pawers i can't tell you what they are you will find out when your fifteen. and your eyes will glow when your wolf has chosen you.
  8. Megan walked into are room this thought slipped my mind i forgot about us sharing a room. she looked at the wolf pups then at me then back down and said OMG OMG you found wolf pups she ran over to Emerald and piked her up there eyes both glowed then the necklace with a angle with wight wings and a emerald on it was glowing she piked it up and read the note (it has the same thing my note did but with her name) I walked over to her and she was freaking out i piked Luna up and are eyes were glowing so was my necklace.
  9. and that is all i have for tonight folks part two will be out in less than a week
  10. last one leave a comment pleas

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