Which of Zamma's children are you?

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Zamma is the alpha of the Starsong pack of winged wolves. Zamma herself is silvery-gray with clear blue eyes, and willing to do anything for her pack.

Which one of Zamma's children are you? Although Zamma has six children, only three of them are in this quiz: Caresse, Tempest, and Rhapsody. :3

Created by: Nakita
  1. Would you rather write a song, a story, or a play?
  2. You're driving your car at night, on a road out in the country. There's a car behind you, and it looks like you and the other car are the only ones on the road. You take four more turns, and then look behind you again - the car is following you! You've left your cellphone at home. What do you do?
  3. Do winged wolves exist?
  4. If you were in Zamma's winged wolf pack, what would your class be?
  5. Are you emo?
  6. Do you love animals?
  7. Justin Beiber.
  8. Should abortion be illegal?
  9. Do you like music?
  10. Would you consider yourself tough?
  11. What are your favorite shoes?
  12. What color do you paint your nails most often?
  13. Are you prepared to see your results? :D

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Quiz topic: Which of Zamma's children am I?