Wolf Love Story (Females only!)

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You are a silver wolf with green eyes, and your name is Hope. You are beautiful, and many wolves, female and male alike, are in love with you. You are a subordinate (normal wolf) but there are rumors that you could be in line to become the beta...

We will start your journey in the midst of a battle with Hunter Pack's (yours) rival pack, Storm Pack. The battle was launched in the dead of night, and many of your pack members are still drowsy.

Created by: HazelnutTea
  1. Storm's pack is attacking in the middle of the night, and you are on guard duty! What do you do?
  2. Your pack leader, Hunter, hears a you, be it running, howling, or trying to fight off the enemy. He howls, and the big brown wolf comes running in to help with the rest of your pack.
  3. You jump into battle with your pack, and find yourself facing a handsome black male wolf. He growls, but his face softens when he looks at you. He turns to fight another opponent.
  4. You watch Spirit for a little longer, until you are jolted back into reality by an enemy sinking their teeth into your shoulder, and you fight them off. Next, you:
  5. With all of Storm's Pack, you have to fight and are unable to watch Spirit, and soon you are overwhelmed.
  6. Suddenly, as you are about to give up in a sea of your enemies, (Plus Spirit?) the wolves are pulled off of you, and you see a familiar face. who do you hope it is?
  7. Surprise! It's Fox, a 'friend' of yours, and the pack's Gamma. She gives you a wolfish grin. "Hey, sweetie. Get up."
  8. You get up, and with Fox you begin fighting the enemies. But as you fight one wolf, you lose sight of her, and take stand next to a grey male. He looks at you. "Hey, Brave." You say. He 'blushes' (as much as a wolf can, at least)
  9. The enemy wolves begin to flee, knowing they have been beaten. You howl proudly with the rest of your pack until you see your dead mother.
  10. A pretty grey she-wolf comes to your side."I'm sorry that I couldn't save her.""Rain." You say"How is it your fault?"
  11. Rain walks away, and the other wolves come around to offer their condolences. You sit with your nose in your mother's cold fur, when Brave comes to sit next to you."Would you like to go hunting with me?"He asks
  12. You decide to go hunting with Brave, hoping it would take your mind off of the loss of your mother. He leads you through the forest, finally stopping at a secluded spot between three trees, that opened up to the river. Brave sat down and licked your ear.
  13. Brave pulled away from you, seemingly embarrassed. "Sorry." He mumbled"What would you like to hunt?"
  14. "I don't really know." You reply. "What about you?"Brave thinks for a moment. "How about rabbit? There are only two of us." "Okay." You say. You and Brave set off to find a rabbit. Then, you catch the scent of one, and run off, leaving Brave behind. You are about to catch the creature, when a furry shape leaped out and caught it.
  15. It was a pretty, white furred she-wolf. "Who are you?" she whispered. "I was going to ask the same of you." You say. "I'm Thalia." said the wolf. "Tell me your name."
  16. You hesitate before telling her your name. "I'm Hope, Thalia. Who's pack are you in?" Thalia looked confused."Pack?" She asked.
  17. "Yes, pack." You say, your voice straining. How could this wolf not even know what a pack was? Was she a loner? Or, even worse, a Storm Pack spy?! Thalia cocked her head. "I've heard of packs... they're where there's a leader that commands a bunch of wolves, right?" "Sort of." You answered. "But..." Brave cried out. "Hope! Where are you?" and Thalia bolted away. "Bye?" you said.
  18. Brave comes running in, in stops short when he sees you. "Hope!" He cried "I thought I'd lost you forever!"
  19. Brave takes you back to the pack "I'm sorry we didn't spend too much time together, Hope. I'll find a way to make it up to you."
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