My Wolf Story, Hidden Secrets

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Here is one of the fun sides of My Wolf Story. This is where you get awnsers to all of your questions, including, Why did Sunpup turn into Danebrave? There are many questions needing to be awnsered. Also, if there's a question you want to ask that's not on here just comment it and I'll tell you.

Well, what are you waiting for? Will you dive deeper or ignore this? Keep a eye out for my next side quiz, My Wolf Story, Dive Deeper Into The Packs. See ya!

Created by: Dreamcatcher1086

  1. Lets start with the first question at the beginning of the story! Why did my mom want to kill me? To be honest, my mom loved another wolf, and this wolf -Shadowheart- forced my mom to give his pups. Then Shadowheart (I am NOT calling him dad) gave her madberries. ( that's berries that make you mad) he wanted to enjoy when our own mother killed us. He is one dark wolf.
  2. Question #2! Why did the leader not reject me? Well, she thought that I was a advantage over Bloodclan. And I was when the truth came out.
  3. Question #3! Why did Sunpup turn into Danejunior? Well, Sunpup called attention to me and his love, and Darkpup(who was never good at words) called him Danepup, which means in wolf, loyal lover to one. So the name suited him.
  4. Question#4! Why didn't Bloodclan at the howl mention me? My "mom" said I ran off, seeking doggie life. As if! Then when I was at the next howl, everyone was shocked when my mom tried to kill me right there, in front of all of the packs.
  5. Question #5! Why did I not want to go back to my home pack? They are mean, and I was not.(For more info on the packs, go to My Wolf Story, Home Packs.)
  6. Question #6! Why is Lightstar (me) not the leader of the pack even with "star" at the end? If you become leader, your name ends in "wolf" not "star".
  7. Question#7!Why did Darkmark not let me go even when he knew I loved Danebrave? Darkmark hated all other she-wolves. Why? I dunno.
  8. Why did Darkmark try to kill me on various occasions after I gave Danebrave pups? He wanted me to die, so then my pups would wither away, and then he would kill Danebrave. His idea of revenge.
  9. Why did my mom kill my mate? It was a total accident. Darkmark was talking to her (see planning to kill me) when Danebrave pounced from the shadows, when mid leap, my mom swiped a paw at him, and he crashes to the ground, dead. Then the madberries wore off. She stared at Danebrave shocked, then she ran away in terror. She told me, and that is how I know. This was after exile, but she still picked off weaker cats. So she hanged around.
  10. No more questions! Comment if there's a side question you want to ask, and I'll awnser it!

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