Are you a Wolf?

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There are few wolves in the world, but little did you know you could be living with some! These creatures have taken human form all around the world and we never noticed. Your friend could be one1

But theres noting to fear of these wolves. We don't mean to harm you! We are normal like you! Excep with a few diffrances. If you are not sure what you are this quiz will help you out! Complete this quiz and see if your a wolf or not!!

Created by: Wolfie

  1. Do you have sharp canine teeth?
  2. Have you ever bitten someone?
  3. Do you have a dark hair colour? (Brown, black ect.)
  4. Do you like crowds of people?
  5. Do you have brown or blue eyes?
  6. Do you like to be on your own?
  7. Ok, do you belive your a wolf?
  8. Have you ever howled in public?
  9. Have you ever wolf ran? (arms and feet)
  10. Did you enjoy this?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Wolf?