what wolf(in my book) is the best

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there is a world to discover, yet why not discover it yourself? if you were one of these wolves, who would you be? find out in my book quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!

there is many wolves in my book, however here are a few of them. the wolves are surviving through terrible danger. they will awaken from the sorrow...

Created by: Flint

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  1. you see Sage attacking someone. what would you do?
  2. if you were asked to run the pack what would you do?
  3. what's your favorite color?
  4. if you had the chance to kill would you?
  5. what would you eat?
  6. favorite place to relax, sleep?
  7. what describes you?
  8. if someone challenged you to fight, would you?
  9. how many pups would you have?????
  10. what type of wolf would you want to be?

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