The Taming of the Wolf

Did you read The Taming of the Wolf? If so, test your knowledge about Caitrin Macleod, Dashiel Thorpe and those they encounter through out this book.

Caitrin Macleod has the power of clairvoyance. She could ace this quiz. How about you? Do you remember the story well enough? Now is your chance to find out!

Created by: lydiadare of LydiaDare
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  1. At the beginning of The Taming of the Wolf, Caitrin mistakenly absconds with Dashiel's book. What is inside?
  2. Why does Caitrin dislike staying overnight in coaching inns?
  3. Throughout the book, Dashiel meets all of Cait's coven sisters except for...
  4. Dash is headed for Glasgow, which he mistakenly believes is Caitrin's home. In actuality, where does she hail from?
  5. What is Dash's natural sire's name?
  6. Dash is the heir to the...
  7. Where do Dash and Cait spend their wedding night?
  8. Where do Dash and Cait spend their wedding night?
  9. Along their journey, Dash is jealous of one of Caitrin's old suitors. Name him.
  10. According to her father, why can't Cait see Dash's future?
  11. Before Dash's "father" dies...

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