Unspoken Pt. 3

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It's Evelyn's first day at the new school, Jasper High. Shes meets Opal, the overwhelming school loving girl. And unexpectedly, finds a breathtaking note in her locker. Should she listen to the hint in this terrifying note? Or just remain frightened and do nothing of it?

Evelyn is left with the impression that someone - or something - doesn't want her here. But what does it mean? "...girls like you..." Whatever the meaning, the thoughts are overwhelming.

Created by: LemonLime of stardoll
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  1. I awoke to the screeching of my alarm clock singing I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry. "Shut up," I uttered as I pounded my fist on the snooze button. I groaned as I pulled myself out of my comfortable bed. I nearly tore apart my closet in search for a really cute outfit. It was my first day at the new school and I wanted to make a good impression. I just threw on a navy blue Aeropostale hoodie and a pair of black skinny jeans. And my Jordan's, of course.
  2. I smiled at myself in the mirror, "Impressive." "Come on Evelyn, you're going to be late!" My father shouted from the other room. "Coming!" I yelled excitedly, speeding through the hallway. For once, I was actually eager to go to school. Maybe a little bit too eager. Daddy grabbed his keys and we headed out the door.
  3. Me and daddy sat in the front office for the lady to officially enroll me and give me my schedule. It took quite some time, but eventually, I got it. I was handed a bright orange slip, and daddy kissed my forehead. "Be good and have fun," He smiled. "I will." I smile back. "Bye baby," he left. I looked at the sheet with my classes printed on it. My first class was science. Great. I hate science.
  4. The building was layered with three separate floors, and the walls stood high with graffiti all over. The tiling beneath my feet were cracked with dirt scattered everywhere. Disgusting, I thought. I got lost in the twisted, turning maze of a school. Eventually, I found my way to the class I was supposed to be in.
  5. The teacher smiled as I walked into the classroom, "Hello?" "I'm new." I uttered, showing him my schedule. "Nice. Evelyn?" He asked, reading my name from the slip. "Yes, sir." He put his hand on my back, "Class, this is Evelyn." The class all said hello enthusiastically. I faintly smile.
  6. "Go ahead and sit over there," he says, pointing to the black table in the far corner. I walked through the isle calmly as people watched my every move to my seat. I felt a faint chill pass through my body as I sat down next to the other girl at the table. I set my notebook on the table. "Hello!" The girl shouted with an enormous smile on her face. "Hi," I mumble, looking down. "I'm Opal!" "I'm Evelyn." "I know your name, silly!" "Oh, right." "It's a lovely name by the way." "Thanks..."
  7. "Ok, enough talking class," said the teacher. The class grew quiet as he began talking on about the ecosystem. I started tunning him out as I began entering my own little world buried inside my head. Memories came flashing back, memories of Isabella, my old best friend. Memories of Cecille. The love of my life. I miss her. I long for her. I need her.
  8. The day flew by faster then ever. I turned out having most of my classes with Opal, that overwhelmingly brunette I met in science. At the end of the day, I went to put my notebooks in my locker. That's when I found a note in my locker. I unfolded the sheet of paper and read it in my mind, "Girls like you don't belong here." I gasped.
  9. I had nothing to go off of. Who would write this, and why? I felt unwanted at this particular moment. The only impression I had left was that someone - or something - didn't want me there. And for what? I was just this sweet, innocent girl, trying to get by. A heat of violent hatred flashed through me as I closed my locker.
  10. I adjusted my bag on my shoulder, beginning to walk further from the school. A sudden female voice appears. "Evelyn!" I glance back. A familiar figure runs toward me... It's Opal. "Please, allow me to walk you home." She insisted. I felt sort of awkward in a way, and I fake a smile. "Is your mother expecting you home at an exact time?" She asks. "No." "Good." She grasps my hand and we run down the street. "Where are we going?" I shout. "You'll see!"
  11. I noticed a crooked sign that said, "Marnie's Cafe", and next thing I knew we were standing in a small old-fashioned, wooden building. She leads me to the bar. "Hey Marnie, I would like you to meet Evelyn. She's new to town." Opal states. The brunette lady, Marnie I assumed, put a rag in her back pocket and shook my hand tightly, smiling. "Hello, dear." She says. "Hi..." I utter. Once again, a fake smile. Opal turns to me and says, "I come here everyday after school. It's sort of a hang out to me, a place to be when I feel unwanted at home. These people understand me, they're kind. They'll help you too." "With what?" "Just making your way around. Things aren't the same as they used to be. You should get used to it."
  12. I nod my head and pretend I understand what's going on, when really I don't. "Want to help me?" I ask, "Tell me what this is supposed to mean." I reached into my pocket and pulled out the folded up paper I discovered in my locker. I unfold it and hand it to Marnie. She reads it. I takes in a deep breath and looks at Opal. "Nothing, it's nothing. Just some kid messing with ya." She declares. "But it seems insalting to me." I say. "She's right. It's just some stupid kid," Opal insists, "we should get going." I agree and we contiue to walk home.
  13. Opal began to talk as we approached my house. "That is where you live?" She asked, seeming shocked. "Yes, why?" "Nothing," she gulps, "It's just - someone I know once lived there." "When?" "A long while ago. It doesn't matter." "But-" "I'm sorry, I have to go. I should be home." She quickly began to walk away. I watched her go. Was it something I said?

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