How well do you know Opal Weise

Hello everyone! This is my quiz about Opal Weise. Opal Weise is a little cute girl out of When calls the heart. That is a television series about a teacher.

In this quiz you can show what you know about the little girl Opal Weise. If you have any ideas for me write. Enjoy this quiz, and have lots of fun. Clarke

Created by: Clarke
  1. How many braids does Opal have when she is sitting on a stone in front of school afraid to go in because of the Whyout brothers?
  2. Opal has a stuffed animal. What is it?
  3. How is Opals stuffed animal called?
  4. What friendliness does Opal share with the class in friendliess-week?
  5. "Sometimes when I'm sad Brownie cheers me up." When did Opal say this?
  6. Which colour was Opals little hat at camping?
  7. Was Brownie with Opal at camping?
  8. Does Opal ever use cursewords?
  9. When yes how often does Opal use cursewords?
  10. If yes what is that curseword?

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