What mlp fim Pet Are You Most Like?

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Some of you have been looking for a quiz to see what pony pet from My Little Pony you're most like. This is my first quiz so let me know if you don't like it.

This quiz will tell you if you are most like Opal, Angel, Tank, Winona, Owlowicious, or Gummy. Please have fun!

Created by: SilverFangRules
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What would you do if your friend were stuck and a Timberwolf were chasing you?
  2. Do you have lots of friends?
  3. Do you like mlp mane six shipping?
  4. Is mlp for babies?
  5. Do believe in aliens?
  6. Do you like Lego?
  7. How would you feel about a JB doll?
  8. What social media do you use?
  9. What do you collect?
  10. Do you like to dress up?

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Quiz topic: What mlp fim Pet am I Most Like?