Life is not fair (story)

Hey this is Life is not fair (story) it is about a girl called Isabella who moves school because her best friend Sky left her two years ago. It's her 2nd day at the school,

And she has bad boy Jamie Alburn's locker that has a skull caved into it. She meets Jamie and gets his number. Jamie is out of school and Isabella's best friend Raven is scraed if him. Isabella finds herself telling off the football caption's Ex girlfriend. The football team now likes her and she just realized Sky moved to the school as well and that her other old beat friend Daved still likes her!

Created by: singin234

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  1. Let me tell you something IMPORTANT!!! Life is not fair! Sorry if you don't believe hat but I AM RIGHT!! At the age of 3 both my mum an dad died in a car crash. But WOST of all...I saw it happen. How their faces were pale and lifeless. How no one call ### to save them. I had screamed and yelled but this time it went right. My best friend Sky happened to be there with me! He pulled me back and hugged me, I had turned to cry into him makin his shirt wet with my tears. Years later she cams along, he honey blond hair and blue eyes. She took my best friend away from me and that was 2 years ago. Before her you would look around and see a guy and a girl talking and laughing having so much fun...I hope. That was me and Sky, Now you would see a guy and a girl kissing while another girl looks in sadness. She sits under the tree where she use to talk to him all the time. For the frist time...she is a loner. But them she moves in with her Aunt and now is at a diffrent school. Yep that's pretty much me bt ts my 2 day of that school and life is not fair
  2. I walk into school, I the new girl! Who just got her classes right. People stare at me as I walk to my locker that has a skull caved into it. It was from the last year 12 group who was here. It was Jamie Alburn's locker, what people told me of him was that he was a bad boy who use to prank people all the time!! Got into fights all the time and did it with everygirl his age!! I really had no friends here and I really diddnt want any, it was almost time to finish school! :) I smiled at getting out of here and making a book!!! I bumped into someone. I looked up and saw the football caption. His brownish red hair and grey/green eyes made their was to mine. "I am sorry" I said and went around him. I leaned on my locker, a bit Dizzy and then the doors flew right open and in walked Jamie Alburn and his shy idoit little brother Sane! Sane had orange hair and mud brown eyes. They walked right past me but Jamie turned his head and saw HIS skull "I didn't think they would give my locker to a girl" he laughed. I ignored him and he kept walking, the bell rang and I slowly walked to class. I sat down next to John, he had black hair with blue sparking eyes. We stared at eachother and then like in sync we both looked away. Then unlucky for me Sane was in this class, so him and Jamie come in the door. Our teacher was a very posh lady with red glasses and Black hair. She looked up from her desk and snapped "Mr Jamie Alburn! What are you doing back into this school" I almost laughed and I caught Jamie's eye. He smiled "I was takin my little bro into school miss" She looks taken back and then said "That is kind of you Jamie" I rolled my eyes and yet again caught Jamie's eye. Then without another word Jamie left. I herd John mumble "Yes e is gone" and then I laughed
  3. Soon it was lunch, I slowly walked out and went to my locker. I pulled out a little brown lunch bag and peaked inside. I was a chicken sandwich, I got hungry and I was going to eat it now when a frien of mine grabed my hand. Her name was Raven and she was Goth. Black hair and green eyes always wearing something red! She pulled me to a table outside and I shived in my jumped "It's cold" I said hugging her o keep warm. She nodded "all the inside tables are taken" she told me. I slowly nodded "They need more tables" I said and we stared laughing. I saw the football team comig outside with some people behind him. The football caption's name is Nav, he stares eating his lunch when Jis girlfriend comes up. She looks at him sadly "I am sorry!!" She cried and he just looked away "should of thought about that when you kissed him" We hear gasps and everyone looked at her but me. I just ate my sandwich and got up to put the paper in the bin, everyone looked at me. I spun my head around looking at all their faces!!! Then a football came flying at me, I caught it and looked at the person who had chucked it at me "Who's fottie?" I asked. The EX girlfrien pointed to Nav, "Why did you chuck it at me?" I asked throwing it back to him bt the same way you do in football. They looked amazed and I just sat down with Raven and she whipered "so now your a jock" We put our hand over our mouths to stop us from laughing and Nav spoke "I didn't chuck it at you my little EX over here did" I looked at her with sad eyes and she snapped "Dont look at me like that you little Brat!!! You just ignored me" I looked at her harshly infect so hashly she backed away and I stood up. I walked Over to her and said "I will forgive you this time but next time you do anything to me, I was make sure you end up dead!" I have slowly whispered to her and I did in in a hash but soft voice. She backed away amd fell over as I ate my lunch and everyone was staring...I said nothing
  4. Soon the lunch play bell rings and people start running or walking out of the school. They shiver as the cold wind reaches their faces. Before the football team leaves they give me a happy glare? I smile weakly back and I turn to Raven "What just...?" I askes her looking at Nav. She shrugged and hid behind me "It's Jamie! He is coming our way" Raven cried running to a tree just leaving me speechless. I stood there frozen and Jamie made his way to me. Go past me, I said to myself but he stoped about a few feet away from me. I looked at his eyes "Hey I am Jamie and you are the girl who got my locker" I nodded (me: your name is now Isabella) "I am Isabella" I told him and he nodded "your cool! Here is my number, see ya" Jamie gave me a card with his number on it and then he walked away. I walked to Raven putting the number in my pocket. She was flirting with John, I didn't know if he liked him or not but I might like him too.
  5. I sat next to John, I looked up at the sky while John ignored me and Raven. Then he stood up an said "Bye Isabella....and Raven" he said adding and Raven very fast and he walked away. Raven and I moved closer to eachother "Let's me penguins" Raven suggested and I nodded. The day was getting colder and closer, it stared to rain. I sat there getting covered in rain and then I ran. I slipped but I Didn't hit the ground I was in the arms of a guy with Blond hair and ocean blue eyes. He looked at me, I was still in his arms "Isabella?!?!?" he said and I knew who's voice it was "SKY!" I said breaking out of his arm and running to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and Raven up my hair and a high ponytail with pieces of wet hair hanging out "Wow you look...AMAZING" Raven sai looking at her hair. I rolled my eyes and stared thinking 'What is Sky doing here? I came to get away from him an now he is here as well! I AM GOING TO DIE!!' I screamed to myself in my head. I looked at Raven, she was not wet at all. She got lucky...again.
  6. I walked out of the bathroom and met Sky and everyone looking at me. Oh right I usually had my fringe back and now everyone is looking at me weirdly. I looked at Sky and smiled shyly. I walked up to him and said "What are you doing here, I moved because of you and your little girlfriend!! What are you doing" I asked harshly. He looked hurt and walke away "people" I mutter and went to class as the bell rang. ---AFTER SCHOOL--- I walk home, it had stoped raining but it was still wet. Images of Sky's hurt face was in my head and then a pink car races past and ers me with water. I shake myself off like a dog and mutter "This is NOT my day"
  7. I get home amd change. After I do the door bell rings, I rush downstairs and get it. I open the door and my eyes hand on a face I never ever want to see again....Sky's face. I look at him with cold eyes "Can I come in?" he asked and I shook my head "No, only people who do not ruin my life are allowed in this house" He laughed "Then it too bad I am moving in with you" I shut the door in his Face and ran up to my room to call my other old best friend who is far away...Daved. I ring his number and A girl picks up "Hello this is Daved's phone and I am his girlfriend May" She has a high voice and so I hang up butbi can still here them "Huh, who is Isabella?" she asks Daved, "oh I should of picked that up! She is my old best friend that is far away" Daved told her. Then I herd a beep amd I closed the phone. At lest I have him! I thought to myself smiling and Sky opened the door. His eye were moist "She dumped me and I moved to this school to be with you an why are you smiling?" he told me. I frowned "You ignored me for 2 years! I am smilig because I still have Daved as my old best friend" I told him and he was shocked but walked into my room and closed the door. We sat on my bed and just hugged eachother
  8. "I wish I was more like Daved" Sky told me and I nodded. Daved old best friend and he moved far far away and then right after that Sky left me "I think Daved kept us together" I told Sky. He nods "you stoped the fights" He told me and then I said what I wanted to "and you left me, you broke us" Sky nodded and hugged me "I know and I am sorry! I won't leave you this time" I nodded as he said it "I believe you"
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