Are you happy with your life?

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Sometimes people feel all alone iin this world. They feel abandoned and lost. Are you happy with your life? Are you sad? If you are, comment your story to me to get it off your chest because I'm alone and sad too!

Please comment and rate and if you want share your story because I will listen! I may not comment back because i don't have a user but i will listen and share my sympathy with you! :)

Created by: Scar

  1. Do you feel at times you're not loved and all alone
  2. Someone with his gang of friends comes up to you and says something mean and nasty about you. What do you do?
  3. Do people bully you?
  4. What happens when you have a bad dream?
  5. Does your parents have a favorite?
  6. Do you like black?
  7. Do you like to be alone?
  8. what do you want?
  9. do you have a place where you can get away from problems and people and calm down?
  10. would you ever think of comitting suicide?
  11. How would you commit suicide?
  12. Are you crazy?
  13. Are you scared for your results?

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Quiz topic: Am I happy with my life?