Never Forgotten Part 2

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You left off at a dream, a dream of that wolf's eyes. And I forgot to put it in my questions so I'll put it here. #Then you felt a peace like never before.# You woke up gasping and disappointed.

As you continue through the story you had prepared for school and went through the day. The story returns when the final bell rang at school and you left for the bus.

Created by: CountryBayRythm

  1. I found myself staring at the bus. I wanted to get on... but I could not. I watched it leave. Sighing I began walking home. I stopped at the beginning of the alley way, nothing unusual was there... but I sprinted through this time. I looked around but saw nothing, I was surprisingly disappointed. I began walking home again... but something wasn't right. I looked back one more time, and the wolf... was there.... I stared into it's eyes again. Mesmerized. It started walking down the alley way. Anger flared up in myself. 'There is no way it can trance me like that and just walk away! It should at the very least freaking kiilll meee!' I followed it, but it started to slowly run away. I dropped my stuff. It wasn't gonna get away this time. I sprinted after it and kept up with it for a long time. But I lost it at some park I've never been to. I collapsed exhausted, I wasn't very fit. I covered my head in my hands. 'What the heck am I doing, this is insane.'
  2. I sat a moment. Breathing in the fresh autumn air. My eyes lifted to watch the vibrant red and golden leaves ride the light breeze. I felt a peace then. That life I lived, I never would ever live again. That misery. That absolute boredom. I'm leaving that, and I will never return. My eyes found my way to the abandoned playground, it is almost poetic how I ended up here. I noticed in the darkening light a black figure rise from underneath the broken swing set. I watched it come, lie at my feet, and rest it's head on my lap.
  3. I placed my hand on it's head, it's fur was so soft and silky. I couldn't believe it. I began stroking it's ears and neck. It raised it's head, looked at me, and sighed. "Hello." I gasped. The voice sounded in my head, the wolf's mouth did not move. The voice was deep and comforting, unmistakeably male. "H-h-hello?" He laughed, but again, only in my head.
  4. "What are you?" "I am known as a Quet. A Quet is an abnormally large wolf, we are intelligent and communicate with our minds. Our eyes change color with our mood. We attach to a person with up most loyalty and dedication. My dear, you are safe with me." "Why me?" "I have no idea why it's you, I just know that it is you." 'Why me....' "Why green?" "Green is curiosity my dear, I'm just as curious as you."
  5. He tilted his head and his eyes turned purple, the gold specs still there. I swore he was smiling. "Get on my back love." "After you tell me your name." "Not yet." I sighed. I stood and looked at his sleek black back. I got in and entwined my hands in his fur. He stood, I felt his muscles flex beneath me, the raw power. He launched into motion and I held on for dear life. I soon realized that everything was a blur, but his movement smooth and easy to ride. I felt myself let go and put my hands in the blowing air. I couldn't stop giggling and smiling. I've never done this in my life, years since I've smiled, and I've not once laughed.
  6. We began to slow and I gradually was able to see my surroundings. We stopped in a clearing in the center of a forest full of autumn colors. It was dark now though, and cold. He lied down and I slid from his back. I look at him searching for an explanation. His eyes turned to an amber. "Purple is mischievous or playful, amber is calm or peaceful. I took you here so you could have a good night's rest. Ball up next to me and rest your head on me, I will keep you warm." I smiled, the peace remained. I am happier than I've ever been in a lifetime. I did as he asked, falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.
  7. I woke up feeling the best sleep I've ever experienced. My eyes raised to my beautiful new friend. A Quet, I've never heard of one, but I love them now. He noticed my awakening. "Good morning my dear. Rise." I smiled in response and did as he asked. His were orange. I tilted my head in question. He just shook his head. "My love, what is your name?" This caught me off guard. "_____?" He nodded. "Remember you are safe. Please remember this. My name is Wequest." I blacked out.
  8. Cliffhanger!
  9. Thank you all for taking this quiz and I appreciated the feedback on the the last one! I promise I never had the intention of werewolves or vampires! Stick with me and I hope it will be entirely different!
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