The Forgotten Part 2

hey guys! i really hope you like my series, i try really hard on it everyday. if you have not read The Forgotten Part 1, go read it right now befor you

read this one. anyways, haha, ummm, i guess... after you read this story just make sure that youre going to rate and comment on it! okayy well ummm, bye now.

Created by: D3signnFreAkk

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  1. (Part 2 is going to start at where Part 1 left off at so if you haven't read Part 1, i recommend you go read it or you will be clueless. If you have read Part 1, then enjoy!)
  2. "Emily, wake up. Its morning light." said Kyle. "Is-is the storm over?" asked Emily. "Yes. Just ended not even ten minutes ago." replied Kyle. "Huhh. Well, we should get moving. If we want to get cross the river by night fall, we just barely get there if we start walking now." recommended Emily. "Okay then. Lets do this!" yelled Kyle excitability.
  3. "Alright, were here, and right at the crack of night fall too. I say we camp out on this side of the river for the night and cross it tomorrow. Its dangerous to be crossing at dark." recommended Kyle. "Okay. Your the expert. Help me with this tent." said Emily. (After done setting up.) "You know, were good partners." said Kyle. "Ya. So you think. But you don't know me. You only know that im The Forgotten One." said Emily. "Well. I know you snore when you sleep..." said Kyle. "Haha. Very funny." laughed Emily. "...And I know you that your eyes are pretty as they sparkle in the moonlight." said Kyle. "NO! You dont know me at all! Just leave, I can fight on my own." insisted Emily. "Whatever. Im going to sleep." shouted Kyle.
  4. (Emily wakes up.) "Huh? Where am I?" asked Emily mysteriously. "The Cellar." replied the kings Guardian. "Wh-What are you talking about?" asked Emily. "The king. He wanted The Forgotten One. Haha. Along with your cheapskate of a friend, Kyle." said The Guardian. "Hmpp.." said Emily. "Guardian, bring in The Forgotten One!" yelled the Lord of Darkness. "Yes my lord." replied The Guardian The Guardian brings Emily into the Lord of Darkness's Layer. "I will train you, The Forgotten One, how to become a stronger warrior. You will fight for me, no other. Welcome my slave, to The Layer of Darkness." said The Darkness Lord or TDL for short. "I WILL NOT FIGHT FOR YOU!" screamed Emily. They forced her to come to The Dark Side, she later did.Did she have a plan to escape? Or have she truely changed sides?
  5. Emily trains every hour of everyday, and this time, not to fight off evil, but too fight off good. Is she hiding something? Does she have a trick up her sleve? She is The Forgotten One, the strongest warrior in the world. Nobody ever cared about her, they couldn't care less that she was all alone in the middle of the forest 5,000 miles long. Maybe this is her only chance, only chance to be seen. What TDL (The Darkess Lord) does not know, is any of Emily's past. That she has worked with the evil before, that she her powers were so strong she ruled their entire kingdom. Nobody knows, she has experience that can blow their minds without even doing anything but standing.
  6. "Guardian, get me some icecream.Now!" yelled Emily. "Make me." said the guardian laughing. "Okay." replied Emily. They stare at eachother deeply, eye to eye. Pop! The guardians eyes popped right out of his head within seconds.
  7. ★ Special thanks to Kiara Hannah MçLeon-Noel Wilson. ★
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