The Forgotten Part 1

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This is the first of the The Forgotten Part 1 series. I hope you will like them, dependingon hom popular this one gets, i will make The Forgotten Part

2 and maybe more. after your done taking this quiz, please comment of what you think of it/ any ideas on part 2. also please make sure to rate also because that will really help me.

Created by: D3signnFreAkk
  1. She is running from the evil, the evil that has been haunting her for 14 years now. It all started the day she turned one, she had moved into a new house with her father, mother, her sisters (the twins) Debbie and Jessie, and her brother Logan. The evil prayed on her because she was a baby and she was hopeless. One day, the evil carried her away, out the door and into the woods 1,573 miles away. Her family never bothered to find her. Her name, is Emily or as some people called her, The Forgotten.
  2. She has trained and fought the most powerful, dreadful specs of darkness the world has ever seen. Well, nobody has really ever seen it, and if they did, they died a lond and horrible death. But not Emily, no, she trains everyday to fight off and any evil comming her way. And the best part is, she is so strong and brave enough to do all of this entirely on her own. With nothing as her motivation, she has 100% confidence in her actions.
  3. "Leave me alone!" yelled Emily as she was being chased through the wilderness, with no place to hide from the evil darkness. Theres are dark, shadowy figure, face to face of Emily. Shes breathless, speechless, scared out of her mind. She cant escape. Shes surrounded by 6 person-like figures.
  4. She uses her training abilities to outrun then and manages to escape from the situation. "You there! Stop where you are." yelled an officer dressed in a blue top and black tux pants. "What?" asked Emily. "Where's your parents little lady?" asked the officer. "I aint got none." replied Emily. "I gotta take ya in." "What are you talking about?" "Your going to go to an adoption service. Get ya back on the right track. You should'nt be around these here parts. Follow me." The officer took Emily in and 2 weeks later, found her a home to stay. She started going to school, making new friends, and eating food that she didnt need to hunt herself.
  5. "Hey Emily. I heard your new here. My name is Genny." introduced Genny. "Emily. N-nice to meet you." said Emily. "Wanna hang out after school?" "Sure."
  6. Emily manages to escape the adoption home, and go back to the forests where she belongs.
  7. "Howdy there. The names Kyle. What you been doing out in these here parts of the woods?" said Kyle. "Umm nothing. My names Emily by the way." said Emily. "Wait, Emily Holt? The-The Forgotten One?" asked Kyle. "Yeaa." "So you can like see those evil shadows then right?" asked Kyle. "Yupp. Please, dont tell anyone!" she yelled. "Trust me, I wont. I see them too. 16 years now, since I was 1½. I knew my family looked for me though, saw it from 1,569 miles away." explained Kyle. "So your power is mind-reading?" asked Emily. "Yea. Whats yours?" said Kyle. "Super Strength." replies Emily. It begans to rain. "Come on. We shouldn't be out here in the middle of a storm.Lets go take cover." recommended Kyle.
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