Magic And Boys part 30

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Thanks for coming! i got part 30 out now! Now I understand I have been taking forever on making these and some people have forgotten the characters so i'm sorry and if you read the next paragraph there are the characters.

Alex: Vampire (good),Blonde hair,Green eyes (alive). Fang: Fallen Angel,Black hair,Pure blue eyes (Is alive) Max: Werewolf,light brown hair,Hazel eyes (is alive) Crystal: mortal,Black hair,dark blue eyes (is alive) Sam: Healer,Blood red hair,Dark green eyes. Jasmine: Bad vampire,Blood red hair also,Purple eyes (is dead and your real cousin) Josh: bad vamp,Dark brown hair,red eyes (Is dead and also real cousin) Janise: Long black hair,Queen Of Vamps.

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. You jump out of bed in a hurry. You rush to the bathroom and brush your hair and teeth. You run into each boys' room and wake them up making sure they get out of bed. They look so cute with their messed up hair that you can't help but smile at each of them. "Why are we up at like 2am in the morning?" Alex grumbles. "Because. I had a dream. And a girl said we have to train. Now." You say. "Right now?" Fang asks. You look at him. "Yes. Right now." You say and lead them outside.
  2. The boys lounge around a bit trying to wake up. By about an hour they're fully awake. Man these guys aren't morning people. You start training right as soon as they wake up. You train on your powers and strength. You've gotten a lot better. You and [_________] flirt around a bit. "Okay guys,I need a break." You say after 2 hours. You guys head back into the house. You were starving so you went to the fridge. You make a sandwhich and you sit at the table. You couldn't stand the silence between everyone so you decided to tune in on some of the guys' thoughts. You decided Max first.
  3. His thoughts were really weird. He was super tired right now. But mainly his thoughts were about you. Your smile,Your laugh,How you look when you're sleeping,And this morning. It made you a little sad that after the battle you have to choose who you love.
  4. You continued eating while searching through his mind. When he looked at you with sleeping eyes you smiled at him. His eyes lit up and he smiled back. You went on to Fangs mind. His was hard to read. But you could read it well. You didn't know what happend but you know he had a hard past and seeing you makes him forget about it. And this makes you smile. You go on to Alex. But you can't get through. You immediatly know he's hiding something. Something he doesn't want you to know. Because he knew you were reading their thoughts. Maybe it was his past? Suddenly his thoughts filled his mind. All of it was.. You. And occasional fight scenes. All of them seriously liked you. And it broke your heart. Because you knew you were going to break their heart by choosing [________]
  5. You finished eating. "I'm going to take a nap." You said. "Us too." Alex said. You all went upstairs. [________] followed you into your room. You look at him and try not to blush. You lay in your bed and he lays beside you. You lay your head on his chest and he wraps his arms around you making your stomach flutter. You started thinking. What happens after the battle? Do you just stay with [_______] forever? Do you go back to a regular life?
  6. What if you lose the battle? What if you all..Die? No,you think,That won't happen. You sigh and close your eyes. You slowly fall asleep. You don't have a dream. But everythings black. Voices are shouting from everywhere. People are screaming. It was the worst thing to hear,you think. Children were crying for their parents. Was this about the battle? Was this going to happen if you lost? You had no idea. And you didn't like it.
  7. You clutch to [_______]. You don't want to wake up. You're so tired. You don't know why. The voices and screaming continue until finally you jump up and out of bed so fast you stumble and fall. You lay on the ground and blinked. Ouchy was all you could think. [________] helps you up and you go to the bathroom and brush your teeth and hair. You go downstairs the guys have gathered. You notice Sam is here too. "_______!" She says with a smile and hugs you. You hug her back and smile. "Hey,Sam." You say. "Okay guys. Today we're going hiking. See what we can find around here." Alex says. You all nod. "Okay than lets go." He said. "Sam and ________ you're together,Fang and Max you're together and I'll be alone." Alex adds. You all walk outside and you and Sam start off at the back of the cottage. It feels like forever since you saw her the day she saved your life. "Uh,Thanks for helping me the other day." You say. She smiles a little. "You're welcome. I always knew I end up doing something like that to the daughter of Sarafina." She said. "Who?" You ask. "Sarafina was your mother [______] the reason why you have powers. Your great aunt Azul had them too. She had a battle just like this against one of Janise's relitives. She lost. And you're mother did too. That's why it's so important you win." Sam says.
  8. "But my mom was named [_______]. That's immpossible." You say. "No it is not. [_______] is your mortal mother. Sarafina is your real mother. I would know because my mom knew Sarafina very well." Sam says. "But what about Crystal? We look alike." You say bewildered. "That was just a coinicdence." Sam says. (Sp?) You sigh.
  9. "Did you know my mom..?" You ask Sam quietly. Sam smiles a little. "Just a bit." She says. "Can you.. Tell me about her?" You ask feeling like a little kid asking her that. "Well,I know you look just like her. And you're exactly like her. A lot." Sam says and laughs a little. "But what about my Dad?" You ask. Sam stops laughing. "He was mortal. He loved your mom very much. But once he found out what she really was.. He left and said he didn't want anything to do with you two." She said. This made you angry. "But,you said he loved her. Why would he do that?!" You almost shout. "Does he even know she's dead?!" You add. "_______,Calm down. I'm not sure if he know's but he's made a new life. All I know is he still thinks about your mother. A lot." Sam says. You're both quiet after that. All you hear is the sound of birds chirping.
  10. You get annoyed by the silence. Its a bit.. Awkward. Not right. Than you hear a stick crack behind you. Sam hears it too. You both spin around. No one was there. "Come out!" Sam says loudly. No noise. Than you hear footsteps running in the oppsite direction. "Come on." Sam says and you both turn and run towards the sound of footsteps.
  11. You realize you're a much faster runner than before. Almost faster than Sam. You both see a dark figure running about 20 feet a head of you both. You both inched faster. Finally the forest came to an end. There was a road than another stretch of woods across from it. The figure kept going. Sam looked at you. "You know what to do right?" She said. You nodded hoping what she was talking about was what you were thinking. You closed your eyes and found a light in your head and concentrated on in front of the figure. Your body felt all tingly for a second and than you opened your eyes right before the figure ran into you knocking you down. looked slightly human. It was a girl. She had greasy hair,Like she hasn't washed it in a couple days. Sam caught up a second later.
  12. Sam grabbed the girl. She started screaming. She looks no older than 15. She starts screaming and kicking. "Don't take me back there! Please! You can't take me back there!" She shreiks. You and Sam exchange a confused look. "What do you mean?" You ask. "I escaped from her. You can't take me back there! You just can't! Janise can't get me again!" She yells.

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