The life between magic & boys Pt. 4

This is part 4 to my quizzes, and i hope you guys are enjoying them, cuz i have fun making them haha im trying to make them different from others cuz we all have to have difference (;

So if you guys want me to make more of these, or have any ideas I'd like your guy's opinions and advice because im not so good at these yet :P so comment (:

Created by: TheRecklessBam
  1. Lets re-cap. You see something outside and get scared, so you go to Max's room, he kisses you and you fall asleep there. The next morning someone barges in. PISSED.
  2. "Hey Max! I was wonderi- .. what the hell?! ____?!" Alex says in shock. He looks pissed "No! Alex, its not wha-" Max stops because Alex walks out of the room in anger.
  3. "Uh.. Sorry about that. You should go before the other guys see us. I don't want them to be mad at you." He gives you your stuff. You quickly walk into your room. You don't know what to do so you just take a shower and change. What do you wear?
  4. After you change you check the clock, It's 9:52 in the morning. Your hungry so you want to go eat. You open your door and see Josh standing there. "Oh.. Hey." You say awkwardly. "Yeah.. So I heard about this morning.." Josh says looking down. "No Josh.. It's not what it looked like. I saw something outside last night, and I know it wasn't an animal. I've been seeing Tigers everywhere lately. I got scared and went into the nearest bedroom which was Max's and well i felt bad for kicking him out of his bed so i said he can have half the bed since its huge." You finish. "Ohhh.. we got the wrong impression huh?" He looks at you. "Especially Alex.." You said with a worried look. "Don't worry I'll talk to him." He smiles at you and leaves.
  5. As your going downstairs you see Calisto. "Hey" He smiles at you. "Im guessing you haven't heard?" you say to him. "No I have." He laughs, "Im just not assuming anything, I know your not that kind of girl." You smile thinking hes super nice. "Thanks, at least one of you guys believe me." You laugh. As your sitting down with your food Alex walks in.
  6. "Alex can I talk to you?" You ask him. "Sure." He says still kind of angry. You both walk into the huge living room. You stand in front of the huge window over looking the jungle, its really pretty. You turn to Alex. "Are you mad at me?" You ask looking into his eyes. "Im mad at Max." He says "Why? It was my fault. I got scared and went to the closest room." You tell him. "Why'd you get scared?" He asked looking concerned. "Well I've been seeing tigers a lot lately, and when I was on the deck outside my room last night I saw something walk across the ground and I-" Your cut of by Alex "You saw a tiger?!" He yelled "Well yeah Alex its normal were in a jungle.." You say. "Not in this jungle. Max!" He screams running upstairs. "Not in this jungle? What kind of jungle doesn't have tigers Alex?" You yell going up behind him.
  7. "What?" Max says colliding into Alex. "____ saw a tiger!" Alex yells. "What? A tiger? that's not possible!" Max says running downstairs. "Yes it is guys! We're in a jungle! Tigers live in jungles, google it!" You say following them. "Josh! Calisto!" Max yells up the stairs. A few minutes later there in the living room. "Whats up?" Josh says walking in eating a bagel. "____ saw Jake, the Incubus." Alex says slowly. "What the hell? When? Where is he? Im going to kill him!" Josh is pissed. You've never seen him like this before. "Calm down Josh.." Calisto is saying. "I wont let him get her! He cant do this again!" Josh kicks a table. It goes flying across the room hitting the wall, crashing everywhere. "I'm bringing ____ upstairs. Calm Josh down." You follow Calisto upstairs into a library.
  8. "Why is Josh so mad?" You ask worried walking in. "Long story." He says pacing back and forth. "Well it looks like we have quite awhile." You say. "Hold on" Hes still pacing. "No Calisto, tell me. Im sick of not knowing anything around here!" You start to get mad. "Alright. Fine." He says "Sit down. Were going to be here awhile." You sit down at a table, and he sits across from you. "What do you want to know?" He asks you. "Well here's a start. THE TRUTH." You you say. "Heres the truth.. We're.."
  9. That's the end of Part 4, and sorry its so short. Im putting all good stuff on part 5. Things are about to get interesting, and if you don't know what an Incubus is google it and its better of explaining on wikipedia.
  10. Thanks for taking my quiz! I hope you guys like the series so far! If you want more or have any ideas please comment (:

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