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Part 8! I'm sorry but from now on the quizzes will be 13-18 questions. This part is very intense and I hope that you enjoy it very much. Stay tuned for part 9!

Zach, Connor, Jordan, _________ or ________. Find out who you like and who the new guys are in this part with some surprising and shocking twists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: chaz55

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  1. You faint. You wake up a week and a half later (says Connor). You wake up to 2 new faces.
  2. "She's awake." said the new face. You sit up. "Hi, I'm Gabe. Do you remember who Connor, Jordan and Zach are?" "Yes how could I forget:
  3. "I could have sworn I saw ..." "Roger. We know. The fight between Roger and Stephano was a plan. Roger faked his death so him and Stephano cold join Dr. Richards' team."
  4. "I don't believe it!" you scream, "and by the way, who's the other guy?" "Oh, I'm Brandon. I'm the new healer on the team."
  5. "But still. Why did Roger come to the door? And how is Zach?" "Zach is not feeling so great and I have no idea about Roger." said Brandon.
  6. "Can I go see Zach?" "Sure. Just in there." You walk in and Zach is facing the window. "You know it's hard, Anna. Being like this." "How did you know it was me?" "I heard the conversation outside. It's really difficult, but it's all worth it for saving you."
  7. You walk up to him and kiss him. "Thanks. I really needed that."
  8. You walk out of the room and everyone is gone. "Zach, where did everyone go?" No answer. "Zach? You there?" You walk back into the room where you and Zach were talking and he's not there. You start to freak out.
  9. You walk out the front door. Stephano is holding onto Connor. Roger is holding onto Jordan. Andrew is holding onto Gabe. Dylan is holding onto Brandon. Dr. Richards is holding onto Zach. "Hello Anna." says Dr. Richards.
  10. "Since I'm nice Anna, I am willing to let you save one of the 5 guys I have hostage. Now who's it gonna be?"

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