2:16 in the Morning p.6

Part 5! I'm sorry but from now on the quizzes will be 14-18 questions. This part is very intense and I hope that you enjoy it very much. Stay tuned for part 6.

Zach, Andrew, Dylan, Connor, Jordan or __________. Find out who you like and who the new guys are in this part with some surprising and shocking twists!!!!!

Created by: chaz55

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  1. Dylan Arnold. "What!? How could he do such a thing." you said as he walked in. "Hello Anna." he said. "After all those years, you were just faking our friendship?" you ask with tears streaming down your face. "Yeah! What kind of a friend are you?" You try to run but you're tied up.
  2. "You might want to know why I need you. You're so source of power for everything. You're the king of Nahama. Yes, king. Now if I kill you and transfer the power into myself, I will be the most powerful and be able to be king. Once I'm king and you have no power I will take over and you don't even want to know what I will do!"
  3. Dr. Richards, Stephano and Dylan started laughing hysterically. Right behind them was a tall 18 year old guy. "So Matthew, have you got the power transfer machine?"
  4. "Yes master." said Matthew. "Just grab the girl." Dr. Richards told Matthew. As he came close to your cheek to pick you up, he whispered in your ear. You nodded.
  5. All of the sudden, you feel high knees pushing against your back. Matthew is running with you in your arms. Stephano lunges at Matthew. He drops you and moves away. Stephano falls to the floor and Matthew punches him in the stomach which is strong enough for him to pass out.
  6. Matt and you manage to escape with your life and he takes you on a private jet.
  7. As your astounded by all the cool things Matt is showing and saying to you, you hear a noise at the back of the jet. You ask him what it is and he says it's just the toilet making funny noises.
  8. Another while passes (wow, how far away are you?) and you need to go to the bathroom. You get to the bathroom and you hear the noise again but you're sure it's not coming from the toilet. You hear it's coming from another room, but you'd rather not look because it might be Matt's private business. After you get back from the bathroom Matt is gone so you try to fall asleep on the couch.
  9. You fall asleep. You're in a dark room alone. Then Stephano and Dr. Richards came in. You're in the middle of the room so you don't know what to do. But they walk in like they don't even know you're there. "I cannot believe she escaped our clutches again, Stephano. We need plan B. We need to talk to the undercover boys we sent to spy on Anna." "You have my full support." said Stephano.
  10. You suddenly wake up and Matt is by your side. You're sweating. "Are you ok?" "Go away. Just leave me alone."
  11. "I can't trust anyone anymore. Especially you with the weird noises coming from the back of the plane. Now, can you let me see what's going on back there?" "Fine," he sighed. "Thank you!" you said in relief. You and Matt walked to the back room. He opened the door and then pushes you in.

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