The Warriors Quiz

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Created by: Sgt. Pepper

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  1. Sol predicted this.
  2. Firestar has this many lives left.
  3. This cat is the leader after Leopardstar.
  4. Badgers attacked what Clan?
  5. What Clan helped the Clan that was attacked by badgers?
  6. Hollyleaf is dead.
  7. Which of the following cats of the following have answered two prophecies?
  8. Dustpelt is what former ThunderClan cat's brother?
  9. Briarlight is Graystripe's son.
  10. Hollyleaf is on the cover of Sunrise.
  11. Blossompaw is to Blossomfall as Bumblepaw is to what?
  12. Which of the following were at one time in their lives kittypets?
  13. Tawnypelt's mate is whom?
  14. Who is the main character of the First Arc?
  15. Jayfeather is to ___________ as Dovepaw may be to Dove's Wing.
  16. Cloudtail loved which of the following? (Not like someone who loves their mother or sibling)
  17. What is the name of the first Warrior book ever?
  18. Midnight the Friendly ____________
  19. Purdy is an old cat joins what Clan?
  20. For the remaining questions state the name of the Arc that contained that happening. *Firestar's warrior ceremony
  21. Cinderheart gets an apprentice.
  22. Jayfeather breaks the stick.
  23. Firestar loses his fourth life.
  24. Tawnypelt has kits.
  25. Sol is introduced.

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