Best Warriors Quiz Ever!

There are very few people that have the warriors power.What is the warrors power after all?Well the warriors power is someone who is an expert in all their warriors facts!

Do YOU have the warriors power.If you really think you have the warriors power and think your and expert and know all of your warriors facts then take this fun little quiz!

Created by: sandstorm forever
  1. Who is the real mother of Lionblaze, Jayfeater,and Hollyleaf?
  2. What was the last remaning kit of Ferncloud's litter?
  3. Was the prophecy about fire and tiger destroying the clan true?
  4. What was Bluestar's kit that died name?
  5. Who was Firestar's first love when he first came to the clan and saw her?
  6. Who was midnight?
  7. Who does Stormfur(Graystripe's kit)fall in love with?
  8. How does Hawkfrost die?
  9. Who kills Ashfur?
  10. Who is leader after Tallstar dies?
  11. Is Cinderpelt reborn and given another chance to live her dream and become a warrior?
  12. Do you hate the Tigerstar family?
  13. Random Question!!!! Do you wish the earth was clean and do u make it a better place?
  14. Random Question!!!! Do you like Ke$ha?

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