How Should You Wear You Hair This Summer?

Girls never know how to wear their hair in the summer. They don't know whether to have it down to look nice, or to put it up to keep cool but still look good. They spend hours every morning messing around with it, but they never REALLY know how to have it.

This quiz will save you those hours in the morning by telling you how to have it! You could take it every morning to decide on a different look every day, or just take it once and wear it like that all summer! X

Created by: Boyfriend-Fever
  1. Do you wear sun-cream?
  2. Which is your favourite song out of these:
  3. Pick your favourite film of these:
  4. Pick your favourite type of make-up of these:
  5. How fit would you say Justin Bieber is?
  6. How often do you wear lip gloss?
  7. Which would you rather do out of these:
  8. In the summer, which colour nail polish would you wear out of these:
  9. How many boyfriends have you ever had?
  10. Where would you rather go on a date with the boy of your dreams?

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Quiz topic: How should I Wear You Hair This Summer?