love again or not prt 1

moving to a new town and changing school is very tough sometimes. but it always helps when you have friendly people to help you along. school really doesnt matter anyway cause you are only going to be there a day before summer. yet you still wander why your parents up and left you here wihtout a place to live. What in the world is going to happen next??

well you have met four friendly and not so friendly guys. TROY:tall, handsome, pale blueish eyes, brown short curly hair, baseball player, in marching band(drumeline), smart, plays the paino,sweet,funny. CALVIN:tallish,hot,blue eyes, dirty blone longish hair,football player, baseball player,funny popular, sweet?? SKYLER:tall, cute,green eyes,chocolate straight short brown hair,surfer, loves night, stays away from ppl, seems the bad guy type. KEENAN: tall beautiful, blonde brown hair, brown eyes, almost prefect looking, loves the sun and sunlight and everything about summer,never had a girlfriend, sweet and kind

Created by: Kayla Marie
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  1. First day at a new school as you walk in you are surprized about how many students there arent there. well its a small town so you dont think about it for long. you head straight for the office to check in and ask where your supposed to be. todays are party since its this school last day b4 summer. oh great you think i get here on the last day.but you still have your walking out the office this guy handsome guy offers to help you to your homeroom cause he over heard and he has the same one.and thens hes like oh by the way my name is troy .as yall are walking down the hall is blabing away about whats happening today. you half way listening cause your a little distracted by your own thoughts.
  2. You walk into the room and the first thing you notice is the guy in the back of the room all by himself. and well surprize surprize that only empty seat is beside him. as you sit beside him you smile and say high. he gives you this almost evil glare. what a jerk you think i dont even know him and hes glaring at me. well have way throught homeroom the teachers calls roll and asks for skyler nobody says naything and then you notice that he is rising his hand slowing. well guess you know his name now. you try to talk him after homeroom.and once again he gives you the cold shoulder. you see troy and decide to ask him and skyler.'so whats skylers prblem?'you.'well he a loner really'troy.'oh okay'you.
  3. as you two are walking down the hall to the outside you run into yet another guy. but hes different from the others he surrounded by a bunch of people.oh he must be the popular one you think.and well troy is waiting for you so you start to walk when all of sudden someone grabbs your hand and pulls you back. its that guy again.'well hello the cutie my names calvin, whats yours??'calvin.'oh um ____'you.'well we should hang out sometime babe'calvin. after that you just walk away.
  4. You finally make it outside to the party. once your outside troy leaves to go hang with his your walking around you notice this guy who just seems to give off sunlight. thats werid you think but walk over there anyway. he seems intersting. as your walking over there the guy sees you and walks up to you and takes your hand and kisses.'my lady' hes cant but laugh and smile at that.'well my names keenan, whats yours?'keenan.for a mintue you forget your name still dazed about what just happened.finally you remember.'oh my name is_______'you.'well its a pleasure to meet you'keenan. and lets ur hand go walks away.
  5. as you stand there shocked a hand touches your shoulder. it gives you a fright as you turn around. standing there is the one person you did not expect to be there. its the loner skyler.'hey im skyler, by the way your housing problem has been arragned you will be staying with me troy, keenan, and calvin'skyler. and before you can a word he walks away leaving a bit of paper on the ground. you pick it up its a adress. after you the party at school you decide to walk to the house instead of riding the bus you dont feel like dealing with other people right now.
  6. well you decide after walking a couple miles you should have road the bus. you asked people where the address is they say its back in the woods.oh great you think. as your walking along this slick black car pulls up.the window rolls down 'hey_____ you want a lift to the house its pretty long way to walk'calvin said laughing. not wanting to walk you got in. after after the longest silent car ride ever you finally reach the house. its wonderful you think getting out the car.
  7. as your walking up the path to the house your suddenly bumbarded by troy and keenan.'we got all ur stuff here'troy.'yea i can show you to your oom if you want'keenan.'no i can show if shes wants'troy.'fine, but i bet shes hungry want something to eat?' keenan.'okay then ill get her something to eat then'troy. ' woa guys give her some room to think geez, you would think shes a new toy or something'calvin. calvin ends up showing you to your room.
  8. while you are in your room unpacking things. suddenly the door opens and skyler is standing there in the door way. but yet you did not notice this cause you were to busy putting things away. he walks over to you and whispers in you ear hi there. before you scream his hand covers your mouth knowing you were going to scream. 'no need to scream its just your good buddy skyler'skyler. creep you think. 'what you finally going tot talk to me'you. 'im sorry i had to do that i wasnt shure about you, i wasnt shure if you were one of them' he is about to kiss you, you hear something at the door its troy and he looks a little upset. 'its time skyler'troy.
  9. okay you knew it was coming here it is CLIFFHANGER. muwahahahaha. sorry had a urge for a evil laugh
  10. soo did you like my quiz

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